CLEARWATER, October 23, 2003 ( – Terri Schiavo was moved back to the Woodside hospice after her feeding tube was reinserted at Morton Plant Hospital Wednesday.  The court has also agreed to appoint a guardian at litem for Terri, but the guardian would only oversee legal matters, with decisions as to Terri’s care still to be made by her estranged husband Michael Schiavo, who is seeking her death.  Since Michael is regarded as the surrogate for Terri, Florida law prohibits hospital officials from communicating Terri’s condition or whereabouts to her parents.  As such, her parents were distraught for some time yesterday not knowing what had happened to their daughter, after they discovered she was no longer at the hospital.  See related LifeSite coverage:  LifeSite Told of Struggle to Get Medical Staff to Implement Gov. Bush Order