COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS, June 20, 2012, ( – Texas A&M University wrongfully tried to prevent campus conservatives from bringing a pro-life speaker to campus, according to a new lawsuit. 


Last December Texas Aggie Conservatives, a student political group, requested university funding for a speech by Star Parker. 

Two months later A&M officials said a financial request “cannot be approved for recognized organizations with a classification of social and political issues.”

However, a legal complaint filed Tuesday says the university approved such requests by the NAACP, which has the same student classification; the Muslim Student Assocation (MSA), which hosted a religious event; the Black Student Alliance Council; and the group V-Day, for a feminist speaker. V-Day sponsors a campus reading of “The Vagina Monologues,” a play that celebrates the molestation of an underage girl by an adult lesbian.

Parker had several abortions before turning her life around, becoming a nationally known political commentator and candidate, and a born again Christian. She now says abortion in the black community is “genocide.”  She also strongly opposes the HHS mandate.

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“Student groups should not be singled out for discrimination because of their political or religious views,” said David J. Hacker, a Sacramento-based attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund. Hacker is one of four attorneys representing the students.

The idea of censoring students or their speakers runs contrary to the university’s mission, Hacker stated.

“Universities are supposed to be the marketplace of ideas, not a place where funding earmarked for student groups only goes to the ones the university prefers,” he said.

The group is seeking $2,500 in reimbursement, as well as attorney’s fees and additional damages for violating students’ constitutional rights.

Hacker said he is confident of his case.