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HOUSTON (LifeSiteNews) — A Houston doctor who resigned from one of Texas’ largest hospitals after being suspended for backing ivermectin as a COVID treatment is suing the hospital for data on COVID and financial reports.

Dr. Mary Bowden, a private-practice ear, nose, and throat doctor trained at the Medical College of Georgia, announced she was filing a lawsuit against the hospital at a press conference outside her private practice Tuesday.

She accuses the hospital of lack of transparency regarding COVID cases and its statistics on the COVID-19 vaccine and claims that “medical freedom has been hijacked by hospitals, big pharma, insurance companies, and the federal agencies.”

Bowden was suspended from Houston Methodist in November 2021, after repeatedly speaking out about the benefits of ivermectin for COVID patients.

Bowden has said that she has treated 2,000 people for COVID-19, in some cases using the drug, and that none of her patients have been hospitalized.

She has also criticized COVID vaccine mandates. In a November tweet, she announced that she was shifting her practice “to focus treating the unvaccinated.”
Houston Methodist accused Bowden of using her social media to express her personal and political opinions and claimed these opinions “are harmful to the community” and “dangerous misinformation which is not based in science.”
Later that month, Bowden announced her resignation in a tweet that read, “I have broken free from Methodist and very much appreciate the flood of support I have received! Sincere thanks to all of you who have reached out with kind words.”

Now, the 49-year-old doctor with 24 years of experience is suing Houston Methodist hospital over data on COVID cases and the COVID vaccines.

Bowden said that Houston Methodist failed to give her the information she requested and has not been transparent.

“Because they have not responded to my request for information, I decided to take legal action against Methodist,” she stated at a press conference outside her practice last Tuesday. “Two of [the hospital’s] key core values are integrity and accountability, yet they won’t share their data with us.”

According to The Blaze, the suit filed by Bowden is requesting “financial documents detailing all revenue generated at the hospital throughout he COVID-19 vaccination program, including details about reimbursements or payments from government, insurance companies, and patients,” as well as “any financial arrangements with pharmaceutical companies for COVID-19 treatments.” 

 Bowden wants the hospital to make public the number of all recently admitted COVID-19 patients who were fully vaccinated and how many employees are experiencing breakthrough infections. 

 She pointed to the hospital’s assets, which have allegedly increased since 2019, and argued that the public is entitled to know how those assets have increased amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

She also used the opportunity to reiterate her position on ivermectin, medical freedom, and the COVID vaccines which she says is shared by over 16,000 other doctors worldwide.

“Doctors can’t be scared to question the narrative,” she said. “I think ivermectin needs to stop being such a dirty word, it’s such a safe drug, I don’t understand how it’s become so controversial.”

To stress her belief in ivermectin as an efficient treatment against COVID-19, Bowden invited the latest patient she treated with the drug to stand beside her at the Tuesday news conference where she announced her lawsuit against the hospital.

“The only people I work for are my patients and I treat them the way I would want to be treated,” she said.

Houston Methodist hospital has not issued any comments regarding the lawsuit so far.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated.