AUSTIN, July 21, 2011 ( – Texas governor and potential GOP 2012 contender Rick Perry has signed a measure defunding Planned Parenthood in the Lone Star state, making it the largest state to deprive the abortion organization of taxpayer funds.


Perry on Wednesday signed SB 7, which excludes abortion providers and their affiliates from the Medicaid Women’s Health Program, and also places Planned Parenthood at the bottom of a list of eligible recipients of family planning funds.  Lawmakers last month also drastically cut the state’s pool of such funds, from $100 million to about $38 million.

SB 7 also prevents hospital districts from using local tax funding for elective abortions, and encourages adult stem cell research by giving health officials authority to regulate adult stem cell banks.

“Texas faces unique challenges when it comes to health care delivery, and Washington’s one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t fit our needs,” said Perry.

Perry’s signature places Texas among several other states depriving Planned Parenthood of funding in its state budget this year, including Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, and North Carolina.