Louisiana police have arrested 26-year-old Robert Atlas, who is accused of killing his girlfriend who was eight months pregnant.

“Atlas is charged with capital murder for the death of his pregnant girlfriend, 27-year-old Tracy Anderson, and the murder of their unborn child,” NBC 5 reported. Anderson was found dead on Sunday after her mother called the Bedford, Texas, Police Department to ask them to check on her daughter.

Local media reports say Atlas, accused of fatally stabbing Anderson in the apartment they shared in Bedford, is expected to be extradited to North Texas today. He was arrested Monday night in Shreveport, Louisiana.


Reporting for the Dallas-Fort Worth NBC 5 affiliate, Jeff Smith and Frank Heinz said:

In the affidavit, police detailed the multiple stab wounds inflicted upon both Anderson and her unborn child. Police said the bathroom door had been ripped off its hinges and that blood was visible on the furniture, on walls and in the bathroom.

Police said it appeared Anderson attempted to crawl to her mobile phone after being attacked and that a large, silver serrated knife was found on the living room floor.

“Tracy was a very happy young lady,” Karen Lewis, Anderson’s mother, told Fox News. “She was so friendly. She had a bubbly personality. She went to college to become an accountant.”

Lewis said she had reservations about the relationship.

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“For example, Lewis said Anderson was never able to talk to her on the phone when Atlas was around,” Fox News reported. “I told her to get away from him fast as she could,” said Lewis. “She said, ‘I’m trying my best to get out of there, Mama.’”

Fort Worth police confirm there had been an “incident” between Anderson and Atlas just last month and Atlas was arrested in 2011 involving domestic violence with another woman, public records show.

Atlas’s sister, Felicia, painted a completely different picture of the relationship prior to the double homicide. She “told police Anderson assaulted her brother in February, that he wanted out of the relationship and was living in the apartment to help take care of Anderson and their unborn child,” according to NBC 5.

But in the affidavit, police said that Atlas “has told friends in the past that if Tracy were to lock him out of their apartment one more time, Robert intended to kick the door in.”

Both the deadbolt and inner deadbolt appeared to be locked before the door was forced open, according to detectives at the apartment that Anderson and Atlas recently moved into.

Atlas is currently being held on $250,000 bond.

Reprinted with permission from National Right to Life News.