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(LifeSiteNews) — A frontline COVID nurse fired by Houston Methodist Hospital for refusing to take the COVID-19 jab told Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) that she saw people come in with adverse reactions to the shots.  

Jennifer Bridges also told Sen. Johnson during his January 24 panel on COVID-19, vaccines and early treatments that Houston Methodist used hydroxychloroquine early on during the outbreak of the virus. Bridges unsuccessfully sued the hospital to stop its COVID jab mandate. 

(Discussion begins at 40 minute mark.)

An archived COVID treatment protocol from Houston Methodist confirms the hospital prescribed the drug for use for infected patients. 

“We saw for ourselves, in the hospital, people coming in with adverse reactions after getting the Pfizer shot,” Bridges said. She said her fellow healthcare workers did not want to be “guinea pigs.” 

Bridges, who worked on the frontlines since the beginning of the COVID outbreak, said the hospital used HCQ for two months until the hospital switched to remdesivir, a drug of questionable safety but favored by Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

Bridges, who said she now works as a nurse elsewhere, said many doctors at the hospital would not personally assess clients but relied on nurses like her to see patients directly. 

Hospital administrators threatened Bridges over her petition against the COVID shots, she said. “100% compliance [with the jab mandate],” an administrator told Bridges, “was more important than [her] individual autonomy as a nurse.” 

“That is a huge slap in a face,” Bridges said. 

Hospital intimidated doctors for writing exemptions, reporting adverse reactions 

Bridges alleged that Houston Methodist administrators intimidated doctors who wrote medical exemptions for COVID shots. 

“I’ve seen text messages, I’ve seen emails, where Methodist Hospital threatened their doctors. ‘You cannot sign medical exemptions, you cannot talk about it, you cannot report adverse reactions to these vaccines,’” Bridges said. 

“And then if you do, if someone was actually brave enough to do that [in] writing,” Bridges said, an administrator would find a way to undo or delete the reports (either the exemptions or reactions). 

“Our healthcare system suffers because you’re not in it anymore,” Sen. Johnson told Bridges.  

Sen. Johnson and Bridges said lives could have been saved with early treatment and adverse jab reactions could have been avoided. 

“The inhumanity, the cruelty, just the heartbreaking examples of what happened with COVID,” Johnson said, could have been avoided if the healthcare system embraced early treatment.  

“Can you imagine what our society would look like, had we treated that way?” Johnson said. 

“There would be so many more people alive today and not dead,” Bridges said.  

“And we maybe wouldn’t have a million adverse events, maybe 22,000 deaths, we really cannot tell,” the Republican senator said. 

He referenced updated statistics from the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system which had over 850,000 injuries from COVID jabs as of the end of October 2021. 


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