Texas parents ‘proud’ of daughter who held sign saying to keep Jesus out of her vagina

In an article on a British website today, her father writes that the “young girl” is “ currently designing T-shirts to help her get her feelings out through artwork.”
Mon Jul 22, 2013 - 1:33 pm EST

AUSTIN, TX, July 22, 2013 ( – The photograph of his daughter's sign telling Texas legislators that “Jesus isn't a d—k, so keep Him out of my vagina” went viral during the debate over the state's 20-week abortion ban. This morning, the girl's father said he and her mother are “proud” of her actions and promise their child will soon have more messages available for public consumption.

“We are proud of our daughter and we encourage everyone to get involved, no matter what their views are,” wrote Billy Joe Cain in the UK Guardian Monday morning.

Mr. Cain portrayed the blasphemous sign as a form of public spirited civic engagement.


He says his family participated in demonstrations against Texas' 20-week fetal pain bill, which Governor Rick Perry has signed into law, because “we believe that children should be taught continually, instead of just at school.”

He wrote that his daughter formulated her poster in response to pro-life Christians after being “at the Capitol for four days, reading all of the anti-choice posters and seeing their pictures.”

“She is becoming a self-aware woman before our eyes,” he added.

After seeing a picture of his daughter's friend hoisting the sign that his daughter wrote, Cain took to Twitter under his own name to support her actions.

“I believe that people should stand up to bullies,” he wrote.

Cain insisted his daughter meant no offense whatsoever.

He said to one follower on Twitter, “We appear to disagrer [sic] about wheter [sic] what she wrote was disrespectful. Disrespectful of what or whom?”

He later asked, “Why do people believe in gods? Why would anyone tell me that their God is going to judge me?”

While he stated that the girl “would desperately like to start a Twitter account and share her opinions and spelling and grammar corrections of those posts online, but as a parental unit, we do not believe it would be a good idea. She can participate in that way soon enough.”

He added that his daughter would be branching out into a new line. “My daughter is currently designing T-shirts to help her get her feelings out through artwork,” he wrote.

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He said the Cain family acted, not out of self-aggrandizement, but because the new Texas law represents “the beginning of a very difficult, slippery slope to navigate,” and they hope “to change our legislators' pens in favor of women everywhere.”

He tweeted that “more people should speak up. And be civil of course. smile

“Being nice is the only way to get people to fully engage in a discussion,” he said

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