AUSTIN, TX, July 2, 2013 ( – Pro-abortion activists are pulling out all the stops, with costumed suffragettes and sign-toting children among their pool of orange t-shirts who descended on the Texas Capitol in protest of the state’s proposed late-term abortion ban on Tuesday. 


After being blocked in the legislature’s regular session last week by Sen. Wendy Davis’ 11-hour filibuster, Gov. Rick Perry announced a special session to reconsider SB. 5, a bill aimed at regulating abortions in the state.  

The special session began yesterday and drew activists from both sides into the crowded the Capitol rotunda.  Pro-abortion protesters wore orange and pro-lifers blue; both sides sported signs and gave voice to their cause. 


One of the orange shirts sported by abortion activists read “Wendy is my mob boss,” a cheeky reference to the widespread support Sen. Davis has received from feminist and leftist groups. 

But the scene turned bizarre when some women showed up to the pro-abortion protest dressed as “suffragettes” in long skirts with perched long-brimmed hats and shoulder-draped sashes.   

Mona Charen explained the display in a short post at National Review Online saying, “The conflation of abortion with women’s rights is of recent vintage.”  Many of the original suffragettes were vocally pro-life, with one of the most influential of them, Susan B. Anthony, calling abortion “child murder.” 

Then, turning from the bizarre to the outright disturbing, some of the protestors gave their children signs featuring wire hangars and the words “No on SB5” and others reading “Every Child a Wanted Child.”  

One little girl held a sign reading “If I wanted the Government in my womb, I would F*** a Senator!” 

Another sign held by a young girl read, “Hoes before embryos.”

In an episode that has now received considerable attention, some of the protesters attempted to drown out pro-lifers singing the renowned hymn “Amazing Grace” by repeatedly shouting “Hail Satan!”


Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life activist, was present at the protests and posted on Facebook that a fellow pro-life activist had been spit upon by three pro-abortion activists, one of whom proceeded to fling his cigarette butt at her. 

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She also tweeted a photo of a number of pro-abortion activists “meditating” in the middle of the Capitol rotunda. “This made me laugh,” she wrote. “These people meditating in the Capitol were the ones yelling ‘f*** you’ this morning.” 

She told LifeSiteNews in a telephone interview that the “vulgarity” on the part of the pro-abortion activists has been “over the top.”

Johnson added while she has felt regret and remorse over her past involvement in the abortion industry, the behavior of the pro-abortion protesters at the Texas Capitol over the past week has made her feel “embarrassed” for the first time.  

“Standing there yesterday and last week, I just felt embarrassed,” she said. “I felt embarrassed for myself for ever being a part of that. I felt embarrassed for them and their behavior.”

The antics are sponsored, at least in part, by Planned Parenthood, which posted an add on Craigslist over the weekend in Austin, Texas for paid protesters of the bill.