AUSTIN, May 23, 2003 ( – The Texas senate has approved by 21 to 10 an informed consent program that includes abortion-related health risks and color photographs of unborn babies before a woman can proceed with the killing of her baby in the womb. The measure, which has already been approved by the Texas House, includes a 24-hour cooling-off period before an abortion can be done and a $10,000 fine for physicians who intentionally ignore the provisions.  Sen. Tommy Williams, the bill’s sponsor, said it requires “the same information that somebody might see in a high-school biology textbook. They have the right to refuse to look at the material. … It just makes sense that they have adequate information to make an informed decision. It’s still her decision. There’s nothing in this bill that would prevent her from seeking an abortion,” Williams said.  If doctors have to tell patients about the risks of mole removal, why not abortion, said Sen. Robert Deuell, who is a doctor: “Abortion at any stage is more risky than taking a mole off… This bill will make abortions safer for those who choose to get them.”  For local coverage:   For related informed consent coverage:  INFORMED CONSENT LEGISLATION IN 23 STATE LEGISLATURES THIS YEAR   PRO-LIFE MINNESOTA GOVERNOR PASSES INFORMED CONSENT LAW