Text of Test: Homosexuality test in Ontario Catholic school religion class

Tue Aug 9, 2011 - 4:38 pm EST

Part A:  Define Terms

1. Sexual Orientation
2. Heterosexuality
3. Homosexuality
4. Gay
5. Lesbian
6. Coming Out
7. Gender
8. Straight
9. Bi-sexual
10. Homophobia

Part B: Myths and Stereotypes: Answer true or False for each statement

1. Gay people are very different from straight people. ____
2. Homosexual people hate and fear the opposite sex. ____
3. Gay males and lesbian females are overly sexual. ____
4. Homosexual people are societal failures; they are weird, misguided, and perverted. ____
5. Homosexual people are always in unstable relationships. ____
6. All male hairdressers and decorators are gay. ____
7. A football player or hockey player could be gay. ____
8. The Church is against homosexual people. ____
9. The Church is against ALL sexual behaviour between single people. ____
10. Gay men are always hitting on young boys. ____
11. Homosexuality is a disease. ____
12. All homosexual people eventually come out of the closet. ____
13. The suicide rate is higher for young gay males then straight ones. ____
14. One can become a homosexual by associating with homosexual people. ____
15. Gay males are attracted to all the males they ever meet. ____
16. The Church teaches that all sexual activity belongs in the loving relationship of marriage. ____

(A second sheet was provided for students to write a brief paragraph explaining the Church’s teaching)

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