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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Text message exchanges between two senior advisers from the office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau show that banks were being pressured to act to freeze Freedom Convoy protesters’ accounts well before emergency measures were put in place to put an end to the protests.

Trudeau put in place the Emergencies Act on February 14, 2022, and revoked the EA on February 23.

On February 14, the day the EA was invoked, Canadian Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland mandated certain bank accounts be frozen under the EA. In total, nearly $8 million in funds from 267 people were locked. Additionally, 170 bitcoin wallets were frozen.

However, as early as February 7, 2022, text messages between Trudeau senior advisers Ben Chin and Tyler Meredith show that Trudeau Liberals were actively encouraging Canada’s banks to take action on Freedom Convoy protesters.

The text messages were entered as evidence during the monthlong Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC) hearings that took place last October to November to look into Trudeau’s unprecedented use of the EA to crush the Freedom Convoy.

As noted by Rebel News, Chin and Meredith’s text exchanges were quite revealing in showing how the freezing of protesters’ banks was being planned well in advance of it being legally allowed.

“But we are talking with banks and insurance companies about how they can act on their own and what helpful signals we might be able to send,” one of the text messages reads.

Another read, “One thing I should add- from what we hear most of the big banks are actually doing a lot of work already within the terms and conditions of existing account agreements to manage flow of funds if they suspect someone or something. That’s an angle we are looking at.”

Yesterday, LifeSiteNews highlighted a new report revealing that some of the Freedom Convoy supporters who were placed on a federal banking blacklist had their information shared with foreign banks, including some in China, via email with the full blessing of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Freeland’s office had ordered in secret that a blacklist of some 201 trucking companies be distributed. Of these trucking companies, 198 were Canadian.

During Freeland’s testimony before the Commission, she claimed that freezing bank accounts was needed as a form of an “economic incentive” to get Freedom Convoy protesters to leave.

In January, it was revealed that after Trudeau officials ordered the freezing of Freedom Convoy supporters’ bank accounts, disclosed emails show that government officials wanted to keep the “heat off” financial institutions so they would stay happy and continue to comply with government dictates.

The freezing of bank accounts without a court order was an unprecedented action in Canadian history and was only allowed through the Liberal government’s invocation of the never-before-used Emergencies Act (EA), which was used to stop the Freedom Convoy in February 2022.

Liberal-friendly Judge Paul Rouleau last month exonerated Trudeau’s use of the EA to decimate the Freedom Convoy last year after releasing the final report of the Public Order Emergency Commission.