August 8, 2013 ( – The most outspoken opponents of Texas' fetal pain law may have chanted “Hail Satan,” but actress Kathleen Turner has a different view of its most celebrated opponent: “Thank the Lord for the Wendy Davises of the world.”

Turner wrote in The Hollywood Reporter this morning that she found Davis' 11-hour filibuster against the state's 20-week abortion ban “exhilarating to watch.”

In addition to the pink-sneaker-clad state senator, Turner saluted Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores for having the “courage to speak of her own experience with abortion.”


During testimony on a sex education bill in April, Lucy Flores admitted having an abortion at age 16 before adding, “I don't regret it. I don't regret it, because I'm here making a difference.”

“Thank the Lord for the Wendy Davises of the world,” Turner wrote. “Because everywhere that right-wing male politicians are trying to roll back the rights of women, progressive women legislators are there to speak up against them.”

The 59-year-old Turner went on to brand stronger North Carolina health standards “devious” for seeking to regulate “out of existence,” although Governor Pat McCrory only agreed to sign a watered-down bill that exempted abortionists from undue regulatory burdens.

She also called “race- and sex-selective” abortion bans “just plain offensive.”

The '80s sexpot has hinted that she may have her own abortion story to share. In the foreword to the 2002 Planned Parenthood book Behind Every Choice is a Story, a compilation of stories of post-abortive women, she wrote, “I can honestly say that when I was a college student a Planned Parenthood clinic saved – and changed – my life.” 


Turner graduated from college in 1977, four years after the Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion-on-demand nationwide.

“In my view, the pro-choice story is the truly life-enhancing story,” she stated, adding that every story of a mother who aborted her child “is a story of triumph and courage” and “an act of bravery.”

She has one daughter, Rachel, and a endured a previous, painful miscarriage. She considered in vitro fertilization in her mid-40s, then surrogacy, but opted against when she realized having another woman carry her child would leave her “feel incredibly left out.”

The prospect of infertility caused her deep pain. “For a time, I felt as if I wasn't [sic] a woman anymore,” she wrote.

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The entertainment website notes that Turner sits on the board of People for the American Way (PAW), an ultra-liberal, Soros-funded advocacy group founded by Hollywood producer Norman Lear. PAW joined with the Obama administration in its unsuccessful Supreme Court case against a private Christian school, a case designed to undermine churches' ability to control who is a minister. It regularly targets pro-life politicians and jurists such as U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

She and Lear have campaigned in favor of abortion for years. Turner told NPR last year, “I want to bring this common sense liberalism, yes, to anyone I can before the elections.”