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Thanks to your support, Alfie didn’t die in secret

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Media is one of the most powerful tools we have to inform, influence, and engage culture changers. Those who oppose us understand that extremely well. You’ve seen the way the mainstream media has been aggressively manipulating the culture with their sophisticated fake news.

However, with your support, our journalists are positively influencing, not manipulating, the culture every day. Most recently, it was your support that allowed LifeSite to be at the helm of this kind of influence as our journalists reported on developments related to Alfie Evans.

But, bringing stories like Alfie’s into the limelight through this kind of high quality reporting requires significant resources. Would you prayerfully consider a gift of $200, $100, $50, or even just $35 to enable us to continue to do just this?


Our supporters’ generosity enabled us to send our journalist Dorothy Cummings McLean to report on the ground in Liverpool at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and attend court hearings on his case. 

With your help, we were the ONLY international pro-life and pro-family news organization to do this kind of on-the-ground reporting. 

Dorothy’s perspective as she reported in Liverpool is a testament to how our generous supporters, framed the narrative on Alfie:

“...unlike those London justices, I was bothered to find out for myself what the protests were like. Unlike those London justices, I actually spoke to Alfie Evans’ people: his auntie, his parents’ Scousers, his fellow Liverpudlians.   

The justices weren’t at Alder Hey. LifeSiteNews was at Alder Hey hospital.

And LifeSiteNews was there in that courtroom when one of the justices, frowning, declared that a court had decided that it was not in Alfie Evans’ best interests to ‘remain alive.’  Alfie dead was a better outcome, apparently, then Alfie living.

The judges bristled with indignation that Alfie dared to still be living in defiance of their mandate that he die.

Looking at those frowning judges, I discovered who might not fight for the life of his brain-damaged child.

Liverpool, with its warm and loving people, was in sharp contrast to London, with its cold, death-demanding judges. The young crowds outside Alder Hey believed in life, in having proper respect for a sick child, in young fathers who fight for their children. The elderly judges inside the Westminster courtroom believed in death---and death on their terms, too.”

Our journalists worked tirelessly reporting on Alfie. From Dorothy’s on-the-ground coverage in Liverpool, to Diane Montagna in Rome, to Claire Chretien in D.C. who covered a protest at the British embassy.

Because of your support for our breaking news reporting, our readers are the most well-informed in the world, especially on stories like Alfie Evans.

And thanks to our supporters, Alfie Evans didn’t die in secret.

“Alfie, the little warrior, was not to die, as his parents wished, on the battlefield of his illness, fighting valiantly for his life on the way to the Roman hospital of his parents’ choice. No, he had to die in the hospital that wanted him to die and had gone to court to make sure he would die, torn suddenly from the ventilation tubes he should have been weaned from months before.

And, sadly, that is how Alfie did die, helped along, perhaps, by a few injections.  But thanks to his parents, friends, fans and, in our small way, LifeSiteNews, Alfie didn’t die in secret. Alfie didn’t die alone.

Thanks to your donations to LifeSiteNews, we were all there with him.

We need your help to continue reporting on stories like his. With a gift of $200, $100, $50, or $35 you can combat the silence of mainstream media and give a voice to the voiceless.


LifeSiteNews is often the first to report on breaking stories concerning developments related to life, marriage, family, faith, and freedom.

In the case of Alfie Evans, LifeSiteNews was mentioned and cited by major mainstream media networks. You helped our reporting to be picked up by Buzzfeed, The Daily Wire, Breitbart News, and Steven Crowder - to name a few

This wasn’t the first time we controlled the narrative and found the mainstream media looking to us for information.

And yet, we are faced with certain financial realities to run an important news service such as this - demands for reporters and equipment, state-of-the-art website and servers which allow for millions of pageviews each month, fighting censorship across social media platforms, going head to head with the mainstream media goliaths...the list goes on and on.

At one point, I even received an email from one of the members of our editorial team amidst our reporting on Alfie who said, “Alfie stories are maxing out all LifeSiteNews resources. Every single top story is about this precious baby!”

We need your help to tackle our growing needs and continue our breaking news reporting. Your gift of $200, $100, $50, or $35 will help equip our readers with the information they need to respond effectively to every major attack on life and the family.


In just 24 hours of our reporting on Alfie we had over 5.6 million pageviews on our site. Your support helped reach millions with the truth!

Without your support, our readers would not be informed at the level that they currently are.

Stories like Alfie Evans would go unheard and reach less culture changers with the truth. Our readers would be left unsure of who to trust in the media, and especially unsure of what they could do to take action in situations like Alfie’s.

Without our reporting on developments related to life, marriage, family, faith and freedom, the mainstream media’s bias will win. This is a monumental tidal wave that society just cannot afford.

We rely on your support to be able to continue our reporting to spread the truth across the world at a time when our world so desperately needs it. 

Can I count on you to help us continue to spread the truth?

We are so grateful to God’s grace and to faithful supporters like you who have allowed our organization to grow in unimaginable ways. With your help, we are bringing the truth of Life to a world where many are dying to live.

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