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WASHINGTON, D.C., November 10, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Going on the offense against partial-birth abortion as Donald Trump did is “how we win elections,” according to pro-life political leader Marjorie Dannenfelser. 

Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, hailed Donald Trump's election as a victory against abortion extremism at a press conference with conservative leaders Wednesday afternoon.

One of the things that led to Trump's victory, Dannenfelser said, was “A historic moment in the last debate–something that's never happened on a presidential debate stage–and that is absolute clarity between the two candidates on the abortion issue was on stage for all to see.”

“Donald Trump described what a partial-birth abortion is–something that most people would rather not just be discussed because we all recoil,” she continued. “He explained that. He said, 'You may think that's fine, but it's not fine to me.' She [Hillary Clinton] defended her position [on] partial-birth abortion and said that an unborn child has no rights up until birth. That is a contrast that obviously favors us. That's going on offense. That's how we win elections.”

Dannenfelser said there is a “great opportunity ahead of us in the next year to really do great work.”

“One thing that is very clear in [the] Republican party,” she added, is that pro-abortion Republicans like Sen. Mark Kirk, who just lost his seat, are “a thing of the past.”

Ralph Reed of the Faith & Freedom Coalition echoed Dannenfelser's statements, saying there was a “bright line of demarkation” separating the candidates on key life and family issues.

“There were a lot of premature obituaries written of the religious, conservative, and pro-family movement during this campaign, and we can now say this morning, as Mark Twain did, that the reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated,” he said.

David McIntosh of Club for Growth compared this election to Brexit.

Penny Nance, the President of Concerned Women for America (CWA), commented, “Concerned Women for American Legislative Action Committee members are more than happy to wait for our first woman president. Hillary Clinton was not the right one, and we deserve better…We voted based not on gender or personality but in defense of the Supreme Court, the sanctity of life, religious freedom, national security, and economic freedom.”

She announced that CWA plans to host local prayer rallies at Planned Parenthood in key states, urging the government to shift funding to community health centers that don't commit abortions.

“Senators will be put on notice that taxpayer dollars must no longer be used to take life,” she said.

Tony Perkins of Family Research Council Action noted the historic, high evangelical turnout and praised Trump for giving “the most concise definition of late term abortion that any Republican or any presidential candidate” has articulated in a general election.

“We have seen a repudiation of not just Barack Obama's eight years of big, statist government, anti-faith, anti-family policies, but really a rejection of a court that has acted as an oligarchy for the last four decades,” said Perkins. “We are on the cusp of a conservative generation.”

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