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February 19, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — At LifeSite’s virtual conference on COVID-19 earlier today, Dr. Christina Parks discussed the benefits of using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), talked about the real science behind it, and offered an analysis of the currently available vaccines. 

Parks received her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan. She is an expert on knowing which vaccines may cause injury to vulnerable immune systems. She is also an outspoken critic of the misinformation campaign against hydroxychloroquine. 

In the early months of the spread of the virus, hydroxychloroquine was immediately shut down as a cure by the media, Big Tech, government agencies, and the medical establishment, which mostly cited studies which linked high death rates to the drug. 

Parks explained that these studies took data from patients who were given too many doses. She says that “any reasonable doctor would know that this was basically trying to kill these patients.” 

Parks noted how several years ago, hydroxychloroquine was discovered in research and tests to be a drug which contains “strong antiviral activity.” Hydroxychloroquine’s level of effectiveness in combating malaria made it a wonder drug, she added. 

“What is going on [in the banning of hydroxychloroquine] is the equivalent of denying everyone in America antibiotics,” Dr. Parks said. 

Hydroxychloroquine functions together with Zinc, she explained, to enter “into the cells and stop the virus from replicating.” She also pointed to other products such as green tea, quercetin, or quinine in tonic water, which can have effects similar to hydroxychloroquine. If used at extremely low doses, HCQ may “help prevent transmission and infection,” and it will “stay in the body [for] fifty days.” 

Parks mentioned several studies, including one from the Henry Ford Medical System in Michigan, which have found the mortality rate of patients who have taken HCQ reduced by 50 percent or more.  

With all this scientific research out there, Parks asked, “Why hasn’t this information been disseminated?” She said “it was shut down for what I can only say is purely political reasons.” 

Parks emphasized that the main COVID injections from Pfizer and Moderna are “almost a form of gene therapy, except, instead of putting in a gene your body needs, they’re putting in a viral gene.” 

Parks said that one of the main adverse reactions to she shots are anaphylactic shocks, which are caused by liposomes which are “highly reactive.” She stated that in “various reports right now, there are over three thousand [cases of] anaphylactic reactions.” 

Another common reaction that occurs from the shots, Parks mentioned, are bruising and rashes, which is caused by the body attacking cells that are injected through the viral protein in the vaccines. Parks notes that when one receives a second shot and gets the virus again the body may produce antibodies which attack the body itself. 

Parks concluded that “there’s many different mechanisms by which [the vaccine] can potentially cause adverse reactions or long-term chronic disease.”