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I can’t believe some of the things our supporters are saying about LifeSite during this fundraising campaign
Mon Sep 19, 2016 - 7:17 pm EST
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I can’t believe some of the things our supporters are saying about LifeSite during this fundraising campaign - like “Kathleen” from Pennsylvania, who left us a succinct message saying simply that “LifeSite is the best pro-life site ever.”


In a moment I will share some of the other inspiring and humbling comments we have received. But first I wanted to give you an update and let you know that with 10 days left in our Fall fundraising campaign, we still have $205,000 left to raise to reach our minimum necessary goal.

Every fundraising campaign we receive hundreds of comments donors all over the world, who are so incredibly thankful for the pro-life and pro-family Truth that your support helps bring to the world - Truth that inspires concrete actionthat literally helps save lives and souls!

We always share these comments with our staff, who are incredibly grateful to hear how their work is impacting the lives of readers like you. Here are some of the highlights from this campaign so far:

  • “My day starts with Life Site News and ends with Life Site News. I print most of the articles for a friend who does not have a computer and he passes them on to others. We know we can get the truth from you! Thank you for all your hard work.”
    Nedda, USA
  • “Thank you so much for your relentless efforts to deliver the truth without compromises.”
    Helena, Canada
  • “Thank you so much for ... sifting through all the filth in the news. I know that can be depressing, but thank you for bearing that burden, defending Biblical family views, and fighting the good fight! Your organization is truly playing defensive AND offensive. I gladly stand with you on the same side, for what it's worth. Lord, help us as brother and sisters to pray and hope as one.”
    Tammy, USA
  • “Thank you for the work you do. I use many of the articles in dispelling some of the misinformation that is so prevalent in our society.”
    Teresa, USA
  • “I am so happy to receive your emails. They are informative, current and well done.”
    Charlotte, USA
  • “I have subscribed for a few months after searching online for some Catholic news... I discovered a wealth of up to date and important articles that no one else was presenting and I thank you sincerely. I am not alone!”
    Diane, Canada
  • “LifeSite is one of the most trusted alternative news portals. I rely on it to keep me update on important issues. Thank you for all your efforts. God Bless You.”
    Sandra, USA
  • “LOVE what you are doing for Our Country...our Faith...our Families... Our Lord. PLEASE keep up the AWESOME job you are doing reporting the TRUTH...we all need to hear it, but often can't FIND it in the mainstream media!?! Thank you...Thank you...Thank you”
    John, USA

When I read comments like this, it astonishes and humbles me to realize how God is using this apostolate to shine light into the darkness.

This is what you are accomplishing when you support LifeSiteNews.

You are giving a voice to the voiceless - not only to the unborn babies under assault around the world, but to tens of thousands of battle-weary culture warriors who are constantly ignored, marginalized or maligned by the mainstream media.

I can’t tell you how many hundreds and hundreds of notes we receive, not only from pro-life and pro-family activists and leaders around the world, but from everyday folks who see the destructive path society is headed down... and want to do something about it!

Today, you have the power to actually change our culture! You support and we report the much-needed truth about life and family to the whole world.

And, after one week, our readers have helped raise $30,000 of our bare minimum $235,000 Fall campaign goal. Click here to donate.

Many activists and readers tell us they simply don’t know how they would stay informed on issues concerning life and family if it weren’t for the hard-hitting news reporting that you make happen day after day, month after month, year after year!

Other folks take our news reports and use them on the ground to dispel the lies and manipulation of anti-life voices in our culture, or to literally help save lives, as Abby Johnson has done in her own work for the pro-life movement -

“I…have a bank of articles that I use from LifeSiteNews that I can send to women or men who are considering leaving the abortion industry. Those facts, those articles – that is part of their conversion,” she has told us!

Your gift of $35 or more today will help bring the Truth to over 5,000 people around the world!

I want you to hear from the fearless pro-life and pro-family warriors you are impacting on a daily basis:

  • “What LifeSiteNews is doing is building the fabric of networking that keeps us together as one movement and nothing can overstate the importance and value of that.”
    Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life
  • “I have met many people in my travels to over 450 cities over the years who've gotten involved in 40 Days for Life because what they read and learned on LifeSiteNews. I know the team at LifeSite, I trust them implicitly, I support them personally.”
    David Bereit, 40 Days for Life
  • “LifeSiteNews really does inform me and gives me information that the mainstream media, and even the conservative media in many cases, just doesn’t pick up that are going on not only in this country but around the world with respect to life. It is valuable information. It is important...this information be made available, and without LifeSite it wouldn’t be available. [LifeSite] is supporting many of us, who are on the front lines trying to carry the case for life."
    Rick Santorum, Former Senator and U.S. Presidential Candidate
  • “I just want to say thank you to everyone at LifeSiteNews...thank you for your faithfulness and for standing up for us.”
    David Daleiden, Center for Medical Progress

This small sample hopefully gives you some sense of what you are accomplishing through your support of the investigative news reporting of LifeSiteNews. 

Today, you can help give the gift of Truth to thousands of people with your donation. The question is: How many people do you want to reach?

Just $50 enables us to reach as many as 10,000 more people with the Truth of the Culture of Life!


From all of us here at LifeSite, I want to thank you for your support and for everything you are doing to expose and fight the many efforts to impose a culture of death and to instead build a Culture of Life.

Keep this news available to you and millions more

Your gift will spread truth, defeat lies, and save lives

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