CLEARWATER, October 23, 2003 ( – The motivation behind Michael Schiavo’s dire quest to end the life of his severely disabled wife is not certain.  He has a child and another on the way with another woman but a divorce would suffice in that case.  However, there is the suggestion that he has life insurance money pending on her death – a suggestion which he has refused to comment on.  Moreover Terri’s parents suspect he was to blame for his wife’s condition and see that as the reason he has requested her body be cremated.  His claim is that Terri told him she did not want to be given extraordinary medical treatment to be kept alive.  However, the motivation behind Michael Schiavo’s lawyer George Felos, in fighting the case is ideological.  Felos has been described as “a right-to-die activist, new-age guru lawyer with a messed up personal history.”  Felos has authored a book called “Litigation as Spiritual Practice” published by Blue Dolphin Publishing.  The ad for the book calls him “a nationally recognized expert in right-to-die cases.”  It notes “He is best known for the landmark case that helped establish an individual’s constitutional right to refuse or have withdrawn unwanted medical treatment, Guardianship of Browning, and the current case of a vegetative young woman, Terri Schiavo.”  Right-to-Die activists play on the term “medical treatment” suggesting that it includes being given food and water.  They suggest that patients who are not otherwise dying but are unable to ingest food by mouth should be allowed to refuse (or have withheld) food and water and thus die by starvation.  Pro-life leaders in Holland have warned that a case along those very lines opened the door to euthanasia in the Netherlands.  A special on Felos published in the St. Petersburg Times in 2001 revealed that Felos, has taken on about 10 right-to-die cases in the last decade.  The in depth interview with Felos notes he is into meditation, yoga, and inviting friends over to chant, “I am that I am. I am that I am.”  Of his beliefs he told the paper, “I believe that Christ was God incarnate and was resurrected. But, by the same token, I believe that there were other incarnations of God as well.”  He relates that in one case similar to Terri’s he stared into the woman’s eyes and while she could not speak he claims his spiritual side heard her soul cry out “Why am I still here?”

The paper also reported that he was in the final stages of a divorce from his second wife.  See the St. Petersburg Times and the ad from Blue Dolphin: