John Westen


The five most popular guest columns on LifeSiteNews in 2012

John Westen

FRONT ROYAL, VA, January 3, 2013, (—With an average of nearly 84,000 page views each, here are the top five guest columns on during the year 2012. From LifeSiteNews staff and fans, a big thank you to these talented writers, whose faithful witness has helped move us toward a culture of life.

1. Kelly Clinger.
Twenty weeks pregnant with twins, but last week she had an abortion.

2. Cathy Cleaver Ruse.
Say no to Girl Scout cookies

3. Elise Hilton.
Why I rejected Plan B after my disabled daughter was raped

4. Kristi Hofferber.
At 30, I learned that my mother was raped by her father…and I was that child

5. Dan Zeidler.
‘Heart-rending’: Young Slovakian sculptor captures post-abortion pain, mercy and forgiveness

Editor’s note: One column within the top five was not included in the official list since it needed to be published anonymously. It was this one:
“After IVF we became pregnant with triplets, but my wife wanted two of the babies aborted.”

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