EDMONTON, November 23, 2004 ( – In recognition of World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse (Nov. 19), the Canadian Institute for Education on the Family (CIEF), has released a research paper, titled: The Harmful Effects on Children of Exposure to Pornography   Quoting numerous scientific studies, the paper demonstrates a strong correlation between exposure to pornography and subsequent deviant sexual behaviour by children.  Canadian society has become an increasingly pornographic society in recent decades with disturbing implications for the children raised in it.  The explosive growth of the Internet over the last decade and the freely available pornography to be found on this new medium pose an additional significant public health and safety threat to children, the study demonstrates.  The research paper shows that “…exposure to pornography is counterproductive to the goal of healthy and appropriate sexual development in children.”  The paper concludes that legislation and regulation are needed to protect children from exposure to pornography from traditional sources (television, magazines, etc.) and new criminal code provisions are required to meet the challenges posed by pornography on the Internet.  See the full report at:   jhw