By Steve Jalsevac
  March 5, 2008 ( – Most North Americans have very little, if any, understanding of the beliefs and history of Islam.  The West is still coasting on the still significant remnants of our foundational Judaeo/Christian culture. One of the elements of that culture is a welcoming nature and tolerance for those who are different. Christianity holds that all persons are made in the image of God and due a natural respect.

  In recent decades we have been welcoming increasingly large numbers of immigrants from Islamic, Hindu and other societies that are radically different to our own which has been formed and won through great sacrifices and by many lives lost over centuries.

  The people from some of these newer immigrant cultures, however, are not assimilating to the degree that past waves of immigrants embraced this new home. In fact, some of the new immigrant groups, most notably fundamentalist Islamic ones, have made it clear that they wish to make Europe, Canada and the United States Islamic regions.  Or at least they hope to entrench many Islamic principles into their new lands. Many have no intention of assimilating. The question we should therefore be asking is, “why?”

  Another question is how might this new development in our history effect what is left of our democracy, freedoms of expression and religion and respect for human life, among other precious aspects of our traditional culture?

  Bill Federer, from St. Louis Missouri, has in recent years been attempting to educate Americans about the basics of Islam and how radically different Islamic societies are from judaeo/Christian based societies.

  Federer, a prolific author, has written a book and spoken frequently on radio and television and at events on the subject. He wants North Americans to understand the long-term consequences that they may be forced to endure as a result of multiculturalism which encourages immigrants to continue to live their original cultures and deems all cultures to be of equal value or none better than another. It also assumes (falsely) that we will all get along under this circumstance.

  LifeSiteNews interviewed Bill Federer at length yesterday. We will publish some excerpts of that interview in the coming days as well as some of his articles related to Islam. The rise of what Federer refers to as “fundamental Islam” worldwide is a huge cultural issue that should be addressed – thoughtfully, with respect, but forthrightly – as Pope Benedict has been attempting to do since his Regensburg address.

  Today we publish Bill Federer’s article, “Jesus and Muhammad’s Words, Actions, Teachings Contrasted”, in which he lists  the radical differences between the founder of Islam and the founder of Christianity.

  Federer explained to LifeSiteNews that during his many radio and television presentations and speaking engagements he has had only a few Muslims dispute his statements which are based on extensive research and on the Koran. One radio caller charged that Federer’s claim that Muhammad had 15 wives was wrong. The caller insisted that Muhammad had only 11 wives. Another Muslim caller corrected the assertion that Muhammad killed a particular large number of people for the reason Federer stated. The caller said the victims were slaughtered for another, supposedly justifiable reason.

  William J. Federer is a nationally known speaker, best-selling author, and president of Amerisearch, Inc., a publishing company dedicated to researching America’s heritage.

  He has just published “What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur’an-A History of Islam & the United States.” This straightforward book relates the history of Muhammad, Islam, the religion’s interaction with Christianity and contains surprising revelations about historical interactions between the United States and Islamic nations from the time of Jefferson.

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Jesus and Muhammad’s Words, Actions, Teachings Contrasted