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AUCKLAND, New Zealand, June 17, 2014 (LifeSiteNews) – While New Zealanders celebrate the seventh straight year of reduced abortions, one story illustrates the decline in a startling way.  The mother of an unborn baby, Angel, tried to obtain an abortion — but the abortionist referred her to a women's pregnancy center instead.

Baby Angel could have been one of the 2014 abortion statistics.

Last year, her mother walked into an Auckland abortion facility seeking a late-term abortion.

The abortionist was only too happy to do the procedure, for a fee. But Baby Angel’s mother did not have the cash.

Then something unheard of happened: The abortionist called Family Life Pregnancy Centre.

The staff at the center initially thought it was a prank call, but it soon became clear that this mother’s situation was very difficult and she was indeed abortion-minded.

The pregnancy center gave the young mother every conceivable means of support, and she gave birth to Baby Angel shortly after her initial contact.

In a turn that surprised everyone, Baby Angel’s parents were married just months after the birth, healing long-simmering family divisions.

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“The existence of life-affirming pregnancy centers, such as our own Family Life Pregnancy Centre, is vital in showing women that no obstacle is too big to overcome in order to bring their child to birth,” Dame Colleen Bayer of Family Life International NZ said. “Unfortunately not all unborn children had the same good fortune as Baby Angel.”