WASHINGTON, Dec 16 ( – In its latest Foundation Watch newsletter, the Capital Research Center (CRC) has exposed one of the kingpin funders of population control and its ideology worldwide. 

CRC notes in its December newsletter that “The Pew Charitable Trusts – the seventh-largest foundation in the U.S. with $4.7 billion in assets as of December 31, 1998 –  has led the charge to redefine world security as a matter of reducing the world’s human population.” 

CRC notes that a Pew 1993 White Paper outlined a general strategy to encourage controls on the world’s increasing population through grants to advocacy groups, a series of international meetings and strategy sessions, and opinion polls. 

The resulting project, Pew’s Global Stewardship Initiative, was coordinated for Pew by the Aspen Institute which received nearly $3 million over three years from Pew. This was only one of Pew’s many de-population campaign grants. Maurice Strong, one of the world’s most influential de-population advocates, was an Aspen director at the time. 

The initiative included major funding for the UN’s de-population Cairo Conference and funding for religious groups to accept population control. When the Vatican fought population control efforts at Cairo, Pew sponsored press conferences for other religions and Christian groups to criticize the Vatican position. 

Several institutes received Pew funding to make the link between population control and national security. For this purpose 6 digit grants were doled out to among others: The Center for National Policy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies and Yale University. 

The result was that were convinced of Pew’s White Paper propaganda that “the unsustainable consumption of the world’s resources” produce serious “environmental, human and international security consequences.”