By Patrick B. Craine

TORONTO, Ontario, October 18, 2010 ( – Campaign Life Coalition, the political arm of Canada’s pro-life movement, has published their ratings of candidates running for school trustee in Monday’s Ontario municipal election, which the group has said “may be the most important school board election Ontario has ever faced.”

(For Catholic candidates click here.  For public candidates click here.)

CLC said that Premier Dalton McGuinty and the Ministry of Education “have embarked on a strategy of child indoctrination,” and the schools are “becoming instruments” of that indoctrination.

The organization points out that the Ontario government recently tried to bring in a radical sex-ed program, which was to teach grade 3 students about homosexuality and grade 7s about anal sex.  Premier McGuinty, after first defending it, pulled the program earlier this year following a strong reaction from the public.  But CLC notes that the government is strongly pushing their equity and inclusive education strategy, which has faced strong criticism due to the government’s explicit aim to promote openness to homosexuality in schools.

The organization rates all candidates with a green light (supportable), yellow light, or red light (unsupportable) based on their record and their responses to a questionnaire from either 2006 or 2010.

The questionnaire for Catholic candidates asks about their commitment to upholding the faith, the Church’s teachings, and the promotion of life and family.  The one for public candidates asks whether they will protect the parents’ proper authority over their child’s education, for example by ensuring parents are informed before controversial issues like abortion, contraception, and homosexuality are discussed.

The questionnaires were sent out first by e-mail, and were then followed up with phone calls for those who did not respond.  In some cases, where the candidate’s answers were not clear, CLC called for clarification. 

Mary Ellen Douglas, CLC’s national organizer, expressed disappointment that the vast majority of public candidates, and nearly three-quarters of the Catholic candidates, did not respond.  “It’s very distressing because we need to know where they stand,” said Douglas.  “It’s very difficult with our limited resources to chase everybody around.”

“We’re asking supporters to make sure that they speak to the candidates as well,” said Douglas. “They should be sure that they ask questions to find out where the candidates stand. The candidates might be more clear with them than they are with us.”

Catholic constituents in Ottawa will also benefit from the results of a detailed survey by Concerned Catholic Parents of Ottawa.

“A government take-over of parental rights is underway in Ontario, through the convenient vehicle of our publicly funded education system,” says CLC.  “More than ever, trustees with integrity are needed to protect parental rights, and the well-being of children, against an overreaching state.”

Find information on Catholic candidates here and public candidates here.

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