BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky, February 13, 2012 ( – A film company has released a short video that they say gives the “other side of the debate” surrounding President Obama’s contraceptive mandate that would require faith-based organizations to sign onto health plans that cover sterilization, abortifacients, and contraception.

“Due to the news and everything going on, we felt it imperative to release this video in order to show the other side of the debate,” said Fr. Joshua McCarty, producer at Lolek Productions, a small film company that strives to show the beauty of the Catholic Church through the stories of every day people.

Fiat: A Catholic Response to the Healthcare Debate”, tells the story of Suzanne and Pat Padgett who jettisoned the pill from their marriage after coming to treasure the gift of their fertility.

“I’m not scared to tell people that I’ve been there and done that,” Suzanne states at the beginning of her testimony. The seven-minute film makes a positive plug for spacing children through Natural Family Planning, a 99.5% effective method for regulating offspring that is consistent with Catholic teaching on contraception

Fr. McCarty told LifeSiteNews that people need to see the “beautiful side of the Church’s teaching” instead of focusing exclusively on the moral authority of the Church as she instructs what “we should do and shouldn’t do.”

For Lolek Productions, the beautiful side of the Church’s teaching appears in families like the Padgetts who are living what Fr. McCarty calls “the life of fullness and the life of grace.” It is here in the story of Suzanne and Pat, he says, that one sees the beauty of “happiness, fruitfulness, and faithfulness.”

Fr. McCarty is excited about what people will discover if they decide to take a chance on the Catholic Church’s approach to sex and marriage. “There is a beauty to living the Church’s teaching, a joy and a thrill.”

Watch Fiat: A Catholic Response to the Healthcare Debate