EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ, February 4, 2014 ( – While a Coca-Cola commercial showing a homosexual couple has generated some backlash, the debate overshadowed another advertisement: A Butterfinger candy bar ad that encouraged threesomes.

The commercial shows a woman portraying chocolate and a man playing the role of peanut butter visiting a therapist to save their stale relationship.

“What if you were to try something different?” the therapist asks in a distinctly Freudian accent.


A slightly more masculine man jumps from behind the therapist, sits between the couple, and begins to ravish the woman. The husband briefly resists before embracing the encounter.

“Ooo, Butterfinger promoting threesomes?” Alison Brown wrote on Twitter during the Seattle Seahawks' blowout victory over the Denver Broncos. She added that homosexual activist Dan Savage “would be so proud.”

Savage responded, “Proud of Butterfinger for promoting threesomes?!? F— proud! I want residuals and credit for the concept!”

Savage then retweeted a video of the commercial, saying that it “promotes bisexual monogamishamy [sic] & MMF threeways to spice up a marriage.”

The foul-mouthed activist has personal experience with the topic. “Savage, who adopted and raised a boy with his male homosexual lover-turned-'husband' Terry, has written about the sexual threesomes that he has engaged in with Terry,” Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, told

Savage has written that monogamy leads to “boredom, despair, lack of variety, sexual death and being taken for granted.”

“Dan Savage is the personification of how 'gay marriage' erodes the idea of marriage,” LaBarbera said. “Rather than elevate marriage as the Left claims, homosexual 'marriage' actually drags it down by making a mockery of the commitment to fidelity that is at the heart of this wholesome institution.”

The advice may also increase the prevalence of risky behavior such as engaging in group sex.

Boston University’s School of Public Health found the average age a girl begins to have “multi-person sex” is 15.6 years old.

Girls were 500 percent more likely to engage in such sex if they or their partner viewed pornography. More than half of the girls in the study had been coerced into having group sex by a male or victimized by a “gang rape.” Another third of participants had used drugs or alcohol before group sex.

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While advocates of gay “marriage” have been quick to rebuff the idea that normalizing polyamory would be the next stage of the sexual revolution, others hope the loosening definition of marriage and the culture's changing sexual morality will make “monogamish throuples” more accepted.

A member of the Minnesota Polyamorous Network told local media last year, “I think that we are the next equal rights movement.”