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The Harry Potter series, a wildly popular set of books by Joanne K. Rowling, is about to receive much more publicity with the first Potter film by Warner Brothers due out this November. The Potter series has received rave reviews even from some Christian reviewers, however many a parent has felt uneasy about allowing their children to jump into Rowling’s world of witchcraft. Famed Canadian Catholic novelist Michael O’Brien has written an essay, Harry Potter and the Paganization of Children’s Culture, exposing serious problems with the Potter series. He has generously allowed LifeSite to reprint his essay, which appeared in the April issue of Catholic World Report. Also included in the LifeSite resource page, The Problem of Harry Potter, is a follow up letter by Mr. O’Brien and other critiques of the Potter series from reputable sources.

O’Brien’s essay is an education in morally sound verses morally dangerous fantasy literature for children. The work goes beyond critiquing Potter and stirs the conscience to reflect more seriously on the loss of traditional faith and the danger posed by the secular entertainment media. O’Brien acknowledges the Potter series is a creative, imaginative and powerful drama filled with enticing ideas. However, the allure created heightens the danger that the crude and disordered concepts presented will be assimilated and put into practice – especially by some in its target audience of impressionable children.