CHICAGO, November 6, 2012, ( – “Who wins the 2012 presidential election,” the pundits and experts agree, “will all come down to who has the best get-out-the-vote game.”

This week, we’ve dedicated a a number of stories to Buffy Wicks, the woman who is managing Barack Obama’s nationwide ground campaign and who oversaw all western states in 2008. Hers is a story of a woman who traced her steps from the further reaches of the American Left into the White House.

In a few short years Buffy Wicks went from standing on stages with the anti-American figures in the Workers World Party and the Revolutionary Communist Party to an ACORN-affiliated shakedown operation, to the Howard Dean and Obama presidential campaigns, before ushering her radical friends into an Obama administration office run by the president’s most trusted adviser.


Her choice as Obama’s right-hand woman speaks volumes about the president.

As a college senior at the University of Washington, Buffy Wicks sued to keep an underprivileged woman out of law school because that woman was white. Katuria Smith, a hardworking student from an economically deprived background, was more than qualified for admission to the University of Washington’s law program, but she was denied a place because of the university’s Affirmative Action program. When she sued for discrimination, 13 liberal students joined the ACLU to file an amicus curiae brief to preserve the system that the state’s voters had repudiated – in the process keeping Smith out of her school. Smith’s story has a happy – and surprising – ending, but for Wicks it was the beginning of a life of activism at the intersection of radicalism and identity politics.

Mentored by UN Extremists

Wicks graduated from UW and into the Masters of Peace program run by the United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization (UNESCO). Her mentor there was Cynthia Boaz, a coordinator for Code Pink, an organization that took $650,000 in cash and supplies to “the other side” in Fallujah, the strongest “insurgent” battlefront during the Iraq war in 2004. That UN-affiliated program immersed students in theories of Utopian Marxism, feminism, and population control – with a special emphasis on the anti-colonial theories of Frantz Fanon.

Working with Marxists

Returning to the United States, she worked with Marxists to set up anti-American rallies in San Francisco. While training Obama campaign volunteers in 2007, she bragged, “I was the person stage managing a lot of” the “antiwar” rallies in San Francisco in 2003. In fact, they were anti-American rallies headed by Marxist groups including International ANSWER – a front for the Workers World Party, which is a Marxist party that extols the virtues of North Korea; Not In Our Name, headed by C. Clark Kissinger, a leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party; and United for Peace and Justice, led by Leslie Cagan, who co-founded the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, a Communist Party USA splinter group.

These organizations do not allow anyone to “stage manage” their events who is not a member of their coalitions.

This means Buffy was far enough to the Left to be accepted by the leadership of one or more Marxist-dominated organizations. A video that shows Wicks leading the February 2003 rally proves that International ANSWER believed she had earned a place on its dais.

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Banning a Rabbi from Speaking

The same rally refused to allow Rabbi Michael Lerner to speak. The Berkeley rabbi and anti-Zionist is a pillar of the radical Left – his wedding cake said “Smash Monogamy” – but he says the event blackballed him because of his belief that the nation of Israel has the right to exist.

When Howard Dean looked as though he would bring the Left into ownership of the Democratic Party, Wicks joined his 2004 presidential campaign in Iowa. After the doctor’s campaign stalled, she managed the unsuccessful campaign of Democratic Colorado U.S. Senate hopeful Jay Fetcher.

Buffy went on to run Wake-Up Wal-Mart. The campaign, which is run by United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), was staffed almost exclusively by ACORN members. There, Buffy’s salary increased from $44,092 to $77,059 in one year as she led a group of left-wing activists on a union shakedown campaign against the nation’s largest retailer.

Don’t Forget Voter Fraud

As 2007 approached, she lobbied hard for a position in Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. She led the campaign in Texas – where Hillary Clinton’s campaign levied strong allegations of ACORN-style voter fraud – as well as California and all western states.

Using Taxpayer Dollars to Build a Permanent Left-Wing Army

There she was tasked – by Barack Obama – with transforming campaign volunteers into a perpetual army of community organizers. She brought in Marshall Ganz, a community organizer trained in Saul Alinsky’s tactics who advocates the use of graffiti to spread the word. She sent her campaign volunteers back home to continue left-wing pressure in their communities – receiving assistance and direction from the White House.

Once in office, Obama rewarded Wicks with a position in the Office of Public Engagement (OPE), led by his closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett. Barack Obama says she has the authority to speak for him. Campaign workers say Obama will never say no to two people: Valerie Jarrett and his wife, Michelle. Jarrett and OPE are the prime conduit of radicals into the administration, including former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, himself the leader of a San Francisco Marxist group.

Wicks was involved in two major initiatives in OPE. She led a conference call with NEA grant recipients, where she asked them to create “art” promoting Obama’s legislative agenda. “We’re going to come at you with some specific asks here,” she told the call. 

Working with Marxists, Again

She also took part in a “cultural policy summit” that included numerous far-Left conspiracy theorists, including the “former International spokeswoman for the Universal Zulu Nation,” an anti-Christian black nationalist organization. One of its attendees ran a foundation that finances a one-woman sex show that hands out vibrators on campus.

These meetings were designed to engage the most radical elements of society. Left-wing activist Sally Kohn, who once referred to herself as a “Jewish lesbian who has a little crush on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,” confirmed the White House regularly confers with the radical Left to promote its legislative agenda. Congressman Darrell Issa has said that violates federal laws banning undisclosed government propaganda. 

The meeting is significant, because Wicks boasted she had a “recipricatory” with far-Left groups. “I know that a lot of that stuff was incorporated into what ended up becoming a lot of our platform ideas.” Her ongoing collaboration with Code Pink – and the White House’s desire to “keep communication lines open” with the group – show she has not cut ties with the most radical organizations in American politics.

After the NEA call caused outrage, Buffy married Michael Kadish, whom she met in the campaign, and went to work for David Axelrod’s old PR firm, AKPD, in Chicago.

Now she is back at the hustings, Barack Obama’s handpicked leader for his campaign cum “movement” – which relies heavily on their mutual friends in ACORN.

“To really understand the Obama phenomenon, you should know Buffy Wicks”

Her old friend, Cynthia Boaz, reassured her friends Barack Obama must be a true radical, because he appointed Wicks, whom she calls “the epitome of progressive.”

“To really understand the Obama phenomenon, you should know Buffy Wicks,” Boaz said. We agree.

Choosing such an anti-American radical for a key leadership position in both his campaigns – and in an office run by his alter ego – reveals the depths of Obama’s own left-wing extremism.

Wicks works for Jarrett, who is Obama’s closest adviser. “We have kind of a mind-meld,” Jarrett has said of her relationship with the president. Wicks revels Jarrett’s radicalism, and Jarrett reveals the Obamas’ radicalism.

Buffy Wicks’ involvement in today’s election portends an unsettling omen of who may be running a second Obama administration.

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