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Linda Harvey addresses the Bringing America Back to Life Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, March 10, 2018.Lisa Bourne / LifeSiteNews

CLEVELAND, Ohio, April 17, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The pro-abortion and LGBT movements are linked spiritually, ideologically and politically, a Christian pro-family advocate says. Because of this, it has become more important than ever before for pro-life and family advocates to unite against these enemies of life and the family. 

Former abortion volunteer and Christian convert Linda Harvey explained to a recent pro-life conference how the LGBT and abortion movements have the common elements of rejecting God’s plan for humanity and targeting children. 

Children are the targeted of sexualization via comprehensive sex education in schools, Harvey said, and through dangerous and unproven medical treatments for gender, often accomplished by circumventing parents’ authority. Pornography is another element linking the two movements together, she said, because where children are exploited, they are also targets for abuse.

“We must protect our children,” Harvey said, addressing the March 9-10, 2018, Bringing America Back to Life Convention presented by Cleveland Right to Life. “We must live up to our responsibilities as adults. We must raise them with care, faith and discernment, and we must reach youth with the truth.”

“The intersection of the homosexuality and pro-abortion movements lies beneath the sexual transformation of our culture,” she said. “You may have thought these were separate issues, but they are foundationally connected first at the element of human design.”

Male and female He made them

Harvey began her presentation, “The Intersection of Sexual Anarchy, the LGBT Movement and the Pro-life Movement,” by explaining how the male and female halves of the human race are designed by God with complementarity to unite. 

“The person who chooses abortion rejects the role of a Divine Creator along with the worth of this unborn person,” she said. “Likewise the homosexual rejects the beauty and treasure that the male-female union brings through the potential of new life and through the simple complementarity of the sexes.”

Harvey, the founder of Mission: America, noted that same-sex relationships are the opposite of life-giving and involve the waste functions of the body.

She emphasized prayer for all those caught up in them, stressing that we are all broken.

“But to take something that is broken and say we should celebrate this in our streets,” Harvey said. “That is really far from God’s design and purpose.”


In addition, she said, these relations much more often have disease associated with them. For example, those who engage in homosexual practices comprise two-thirds to three-fourths of all new HIV cases each year in the U.S., equating some 25-30,000 people.

“And still, they (same-sex partnerships) are being promoted to children,” Harvey cautioned.

God’s design for family nurtures peace

Married couples and the creation of new life creates family, community, and thus a nation, she said, and this fosters peace and prosperity.

“It’s the recipe for peace on earth,” she said. 

“Satan has a different plan,” she continued, and it starts with self-interest and rejection of authority. 

“God has been told to go away,” said Harvey, and this combination results in personal, societal, cultural and spiritual disaster.

Death and the absence of new life connect the abortion and LGBT movements, she said. 

“A tragic focus on defiant human will — the rejection of the goodness and creation of God — is the problem with both movements,” Harvey stated. 

But it’s not just theological and spiritual rebellion that connects pro-abortion advocates with homosexual practitioners and gender defiant or confused individuals, she added. There are practical and political ones as well.

Marching against moral codes

Harvey pointed out early in her talk that Planned Parenthood has recently diversified products and services to now offer hormone treatments for so-called “sex change,” and also that a lot of lesbians have had abortions. She later explained the abortion-gender tie goes back to the 1960’s and the sexual revolution.

Basic moral codes of western civilization were revolutionized primarily through the introduction of contraception, she said, and then feminists and other revolutionaries went on to create radical individual autonomy.

“Some people call this cultural Marxism,” said Harvey. “Where you have a right to your pleasure and your design, and the corollary becomes that anyone who suggests you might think another way, or interferes in your perception with this is subjecting you to slavery.” 

Feminists then began to talk about the nuclear family being slavery.  

“So men were the enemy,” she said. “And so was the product of conception – the child – considered now to be an implement of bondage, unless you wanted it. You the woman, not God, was the one who gave value to a life inside of you.” 

Lesbians were marginalized in the feminist movement at first, she said, before Betty Friedan and the National Organization for Women embraced homosexuality, gave it an endorsement in 1970, and now the two movements remain connected.

Anti-man, against Christ

A tie between lesbians and abortion might not make sense at first glance, Harvey said, but, “If we understand that it is not a pro-female mindset, but an anti-Christ and anti-male movement that feeds on the hatred of God’s authority and the creation of humanity, it’s not too surprising.”

Some of the major players in feminism then and in more recent years endorsed sex in all directions, she said, sometimes including pedophilia. 

“As one famous feminist, T. Grace Atkinson said, “Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice,” Harvey said, then listed various feminist lesbians as example.

The recent explosion of activism has seen these forces join together, she continued, unveiling sexual anarchy – which was the direction all along.

The most intense and public evidence of this is sex education in schools, said Harvey.

Planned Parenthood is behind a lot of school sex education and has joined with the LGBT movement, she explained, noting that since the legalization of same-sex “marriage,” LGBT forces have demanded equality and inclusivity in sex education. 

Comprehensive indoctrination

All forms of sex practices are endorsed through “comprehensive sex education,” Harvey explained, as is promiscuity. In the process, those teens that are sexually active cannot be shamed, and instead are taught the lie that all of this can be managed.

“So we end up with unauthentic and unhealthy lessons for kids,” she said. 

There are a number of well-funded curricula, she said, listing several examples, and until the Trump administration, they were also federal-government supported. 

Harvey provided a thorough assessment of how comprehensive sex education operates:  

Comprehensive sex ed sexualizes children with age-inappropriate topics and encourages their participation, teaches them about contraception and abortion and where and how to obtain them, normalizes promiscuity, how to consent to sex, normalizes and equalized anal or oral sex with vaginal sex and minimizes any risk involved for teens, defends and honors homosexual behavior and gender confusion and normalizes solo or mutual masturbation. 

It also features coed condom demonstrations starting in seventh grade on a plastic model and diminishes and misconstrues abstinence. It also promotes sexual “rights” and sexual advocacy. It bypasses parental rights and tradition moral values and refers children to harmful resources, including homosexual groups and Planned Parenthood. 

Gender ideology as distraction

“While these forces try to slip in these very graphic curricula,” Harvey continued, “the unlikely distraction vehicle used has been the issue of opening bathrooms to trans-identifying students.”

This was ushered in with Barack Obama misapplying Title IX federal law and advocating gender confusion in schools, she said.

Emotional blackmail

“The threat of child suicide is the new key that opens every door,” Harvey said. “Even children’s hospitals are on board with the mutilation of children.” 

“The reason people relent to gender ideology is the threat the child will commit suicide,” she explained, citing the recent seizure of the child from Cincinnati parents for transgender treatment. 

“So-called medical experts were pivotal in the decision,” she stated, “when there’s no medical evidence to back it up.” 

The seizure of the child in Cincinnati was an assault on the child’s future health, on parental rights, and on the relationship of the girl with her parents, she said.

Harvey cited Johns Hopkins University’s Dr. Paul McHugh’s document on sexuality and gender in addressing the claims of same-sex attraction as innate and that one can be born the wrong gender.

“It’s emotional and political manipulation of America on a grand scale,” she stated. “We must stand up to this, we must say that this is wrong, it is inaccurate, it is a lie. There is not evidence that people are born this way. This is a developed desire, and there is often early sexualization of children, including child sexual abuse behind those kinds of feelings.”

“So now we have top medical experts recommending medical and surgical mutilation of children,” said Harvey, “and of course, if we don’t do this, they will kill themselves. That’s the manipulation.” 

“No,” she emphasized, “if we deny them counseling based on truth, that is where the danger lies.”

Is that good for the kids?

“How ironic, that a culture eager to defend the right to kill unborn children is now blind to reality because they claim to want to save children and leading them into this instead,” Harvey noted. “That’s’ why I say this has the fingerprints of judgment from the Lord, because so many people are blind to what they are doing.”

The lines are being blurred with all these sexual practices, she said, and parents often are not the watchdogs they used to be, and if they are not – bureaucrats will sneak things through.

She cited examples of the Omaha public schools instituting objectionable material until parents learned of it and pushed back. She also cited a decision made by an appointed commission of the Oregon Health Authority allowing 15-year-olds to receive hormone and sex change treatment without parental knowledge paid, for by Medicaid, that when it became public was allowed by the legislature to stand.

“Gender confused kids are being told that in order to save their lives they have to often become infertile,” Harvey told the conference, “because infertility is where this goes so often – permanent infertility based on the harsh drugs that are being administered and there’s no long-term research on any of this.”

“Pornography is the kerosene being poured on this smoldering fire. It’s the cancer that is metastasizing,” she stated in summation, saying that child pornography is exploding, including pornography targeting infants and toddlers. 

Harvey explained how this has pervaded the culture in all quarters, with arrests for child porn involving doctors, teachers, lawyers, law enforcement officials and theologians.  

She implored her audience at the pro-life conference to take the energy and gains of the pro-life movement and apply them where the two sexual anarchy movements meet for the sake of the next generation. 

All is not lost, Harvey concluded, the situation can be turned around with God.

“If we put our minds and our hearts into it,” she said. “We have the biggest and most powerful champion of all time, because we know that with God, all things are possible.”

Watch Harvey’s presentation HERE.