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The value of reader News Tips given to LifeSiteNews

Steve Jalsevac

Do you have important, verifiable information or a solid lead on such information related to issues that LifeSiteNews covers? If you do, we strongly urge you to contact us, as many have done in the past and been very satisfied afterwards that they did so.

Tips from readers have often led to major LSN stories that resulted in dramatic, positive actions in response to the revelations contained in the stories. In many cases these actions would otherwise not have happened because no one else would or was free to report on these developments or was thought trustworthy enough to give such information to.

LifeSiteNews specializes in investigative reporting. That is, we do a lot of research, conduct interviews, seek responses from story subjects, consult with other staff and outside experts and verify information related to a story.  Many reporters no longer undertake such real journalism.

The potential influence of a story depends on the quality of the information gathered and how well it is reported.  That is, truth itself has surprising power to change situations for the better, especially when properly reported.

LifeSiteNews has a firm policy of respecting confidences and special requests made of us by those who provide story information. On-the-record and off-the-record useful, newsworthy tips are most welcome.

We are also known to follow through and use much of the genuinely newsworthy information given to us in professionally written, accurate reports produced by a staff with exceptional ethical principles. With that reputation, LifeSiteNews continues to receive calls, emails and letters from persons who trust that we will do what is best with their news tips.

News tips can be sent by going to the LifeSiteNews Contact Us page, clicking on the News Tips link and entering your details in the message window. Alternatively, you can email editor at We will respond by email or telephone if requested or required.

Sometimes, long after a development has passed, we accidently find out that a particular reader possessed critical information related to that story, but did not think of contacting us with that information. There have been many such discovered disappointments over the years. Please DO contact us and do not assume that we are aware of your information or that it is necessarily insignificant.

Be assured that LifeSiteNews staff read all correspondence.

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