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'The View' host Sonny Hostin

HOLLYWOOD, California, August 3, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – One of the hosts from the liberal televison chat-fest The View presumed to speak for Jesus and His priorities on Tuesday while also saying Christians “get caught up on the abortion issue.”

Justice, mercy, caring for the poor, immigration, and the environment are the most important issues to Jesus, according to Sonny Hostin. The self-identified pro-life liberal cautioned Democrats against getting caught up in abortion because these other issues take precedence “if you really are a follower of the Bible and a follower of Jesus.”

Hostin said it was time for Democrats to realize “there’s no moral party,” and Republicans shouldn’t get moral authority.

The discussion followed reports on comments from a Democratic Party official claiming the party dropped its pro-abort litmus test for lending its support to candidates.

“It’s time for Democrats to embrace,” Hostin said, “because if you really are looking at Jesus’ words, the most important things to him were justice and mercy, so real biblical sort of perspectives are saving the earth – welcoming strangers, taking care of the poor.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg had introduced the topic and also said Christianity shouldn’t enter into the abortion discussion.

The program is known for rabid support for abortion and other liberal issues and spiteful retort for those who don’t share the hosts’ views.

Goldberg said as well in regard to the issue of Democrats and abortion that a person doesn't have to agree with abortion to support the procedure being legal.

“Here’s the thing,” said Goldberg. “If you believe that abortion is morally wrong, then you never have to have one. The law doesn’t say you have to have an abortion. The law says if you feel you need to, we are not going to stand in your way. And that is how the law should read.”

After agreeing with this, Hostin embarked upon her description of Christ’s priorities.

“And that is true,” Hostin answered Goldberg. “But my point is, everybody sort of gets caught up, especially Evangelicals and Catholics as well and people of — Christians get caught up on the abortion issue, but if you really are a faithful person, if you really are a follower of the Bible and a follower of Jesus, again, the most important issues are justice and mercy. The most important issues are caring for the poor, welcoming strangers, caring for our Earth.”

Hostin reconfirmed by the end of the segment that she would vote to retain Roe v. Wade, holding up Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and former Vice President Joe Biden as other examples of the “personally opposed but can’t tell others what to do” argument in support of abortion.

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