TORONTO, October 18, 2001 ( – The Ontario Campaign Life Coalition Conference held Saturday October 13 was a great success. The speakers were dynamic, those that attended were informed about a myriad of issues and everyone was eager to take the knowledge they obtained back to their communities to talk to their federal and provincial representatives and their local pro-life organizations.

Speaking on the hot topic of stem cell research were Wesley Smith, an American author and lawyer and Dr. John Shea, CLC medical advisor. During his talk Smith answered a troubling question – why, since adult stem cell research is so promising, are researchers and global bodies promoting embryonic research which has shown itself to be both more difficult to handle and dangerous? The answer, Smith contends, is that the scientists pushing the research see themselves as an elite, and see in the research on human embryos the possibility of taking control of further human evolution. The old Hitlerian eugenic ideal of a superman is still alive and well in the ranks of the backers of embryonic research.

Other speakers at the conference included CLC Youth Executive Director Tanya Granic who gave an update on the goings-on at the United Nations. Julius Yankowksy, a member of the Alberta legislature, outlined what provincial politicians can do on life and family issues. CLC National President Jim Hughes and National Coordinator Mary-Ellen Douglas provided an overview of the Canadian political scene. Dr. Shea spoke about his interview with Health Minister Alan Rock, which will be featured in an upcoming LifeSite report. Wesley Smith also gave a startling talk on euthanasia in which he presented the “exit bag,” (highlighted on the front cover of the September Interim), a plastic bag that the Canadian Right to Die Society is selling for $30 (US) and which someone wishing to commit suicide would purchase to put over their heads in order to kill themselves

Audio tapes of the conference speakers are available from CLC @ 7 per cassette or $40 for the full set of 5 cassettes in a vinyl library case (plus shipping):  1. Canada: Life and Death in 2001 – overview of the Canadian situation – Mary Ellen Douglas and Jim Hughes   2. Lighten the Darkness: A Call to Life Affirming Ministry – Tanya Granic   3. Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide – Wesley Smith   4. Stem Cell Research and Federal Legislation – Dr. John Shea and Wesley Smith   5. Conscience Legislation, de-funding and Medically Necessary Abortion – Julius Yankowsky   Call 416-204-9749 or email [email protected]