Pro-aborts ‘exposed’ the sex life of the Planned Parenthood whistle-blower…and it back-fired

One pro-life commentator said the 'expose' is 'a great reminder' that 'people who value life come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and all kinds of political ideologies.'
Mon Aug 24, 2015 - 4:16 pm EST
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SACRAMENTO, CA, August 24, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) - The woman who has exposed Planned Parenthood's gruesome organ harvesting practices has been the subject of an online exposé published by the pro-abortion website RHReality Check - and the results paint anything but the stereotypical picture of a fundamentalist anti-abortion activist crusading against Planned Parenthood because the Bible tells her so.

RHReality Check posted the article - written by Sharona Coutts, the website's "vice president of investigations and research" - last Thursday evening.

Although it was removed from the website Friday morning, it can be read via a Google cache.

"Holly Kaitlyn O’Donnell has made herself the face of the ongoing series of attack videos against Planned Parenthood and StemExpress," it states, by making "unsubstantiated allegations about the conduct and motivations of staff at StemExpress, and at multiple Planned Parenthood locations in California."

Coutts tracked O'Donnell and found out she had several profiles on sexually explicit dating sites, supports same-sex "marriage," and describes herself as "heteroflexible." She claims that O'Donnell's profiles on the dating sites contained "considerable sexually explicit material."

"Like her OkCupid profile, O’Donnell’s Instagram stream indicates that she is in favor of same-sex marriage," Coutts wrote. "But it also indicates that she is a critic of President Obama and Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton."

It also indicates that she turned against abortion based on the horrors of what she saw inside Planned Parenthood facilities.

She answered one OKCupid question by saying that abortion is not "an option in case of an accidental pregnancy," saying, "I work at Planned Parenthood, and if you are OK with this, sorry it makes me sick."

David Daleiden, the lead investigator at CMP, told the publication that “Holly is a normal Millennial woman who found herself in an extraordinary and harrowing situation, and now you’re bullying her for telling her story."

He chided RHReality Check, "Your close-mindedness is showing.”

He was joined by numerous feminists, who accused the publication of "slut-shaming."

Jodi Jacobson, RHReality Check's editor-in-chief, wrote an editorial apologizing "unequivocally" for publishing the article. However, she considered the piece part of her war against "the far right, of which the anti-choice movement is a central part."

The pro-life movement "focuses on shaming people who engage in sex for pleasure, for managing their fertility, or for loving whom they love," Jacobson wrote. "Their daily work is based on stigma and shame—of women, sex workers, LGBTQ persons, and youth—or really anyone who exercises sexual agency and seeks sexual pleasure on their own terms."

Radio talk show host David Madeira said the revelations "don't meet RHReality Check's desire to paint this woman as some kind of an ideologue."

"She's not a Bible-thumper," he said. "This young lady is not an activist."

Coutts notes that, while O'Donnell says she is a Christian, her faith does not appear to be a motivating factor in her behavior.

"The only reason.. that you find that surprising is because you have a stereotype about people you think are pro-life," Madeira told Coutts.

If anything, the conclusions add credence to what O'Donnell told told Dana Loesch of TheBlaze TV when asked the one thing she hopes people get out of the undercover Planned Parenthood videos.

"The videos are true," O'Donnell said. "A lot of people believe it's political. It's not political. I'm not really a political person."

"I've never been a part of anything like this," she added.

Madeira, who describes himself as an evangelical Christian, said that the article is "a great reminder for us who are engaged in this battle that people who value life come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and all kinds of political ideologies but they share one thing in common: a respect for life."

A guest post by Dana on responded more aggressively, dismissing Jacobson's writing as "such unadulterated slop, it deserves to be ignored."

"Of course, being revolted by what O’Donnell revealed in the videos hasn’t got a damn thing to do with sexual freedoms or any attempt to deny them," she wrote. "Rather it has to do with a functioning moral compass that is capable of recognizing and reacting to monstrous evil. And it has to do with recognizing the value of life – all life."

Joe Cunningham of agreed, "The pro-life movement is not about repressing sexuality. It’s about acknowledging that you are taking another human life and extinguishing it before it has the chance to flourish. You can be as sexually free as you want, but just because you can’t be responsible enough to keep from creating a brand new human being doesn’t mean you can end its life and pretend there are no consequences."

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