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Hillary Clinton's 'BUT HER EMAILS' merchandise.Twitter screenshot

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(LifeSiteNews) – Hillary Clinton is using the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s Florida home as a fundraising opportunity by trolling Trump and his supporters with the sale of merchandise emblazoned with “BUT HER EMAILS,” a phrase meant to mock all who believe the former presidential candidate had engaged in criminal activity by deleting tens of thousands of her emails and destroying the servers which housed them in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election.  

Following the FBI’s Monday night raid of President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort home, Clinton tweeted a link to “Onward Together,” a site which sells an array of Clinton-promoting goods by pandering to liberals, focusing particularly on pro-abortion and LGBT constituents.  

“Every ‘But her emails’ hat or shirt sold helps Onward Together partners defend democracy, build a progressive bench, and fight for our values,” wrote Clinton on Twitter Tuesday morning.  “Just saying!” 

Within an hour, the $30 “BUT HER EMAILS” baseball caps had sold out, according to the failed presidential candidate, who then pivoted to hawking T-shirts delivering the same message.    

Clinton’s Tweets are, at least in part, a reaction to President Trump’s 340-word statement issued shortly after the FBI’s intrusion into his home. The statement read in part: 

Hillary Clinton was allowed to delete and acid wash 33,000 E-mails AFTER they were subpoenaed by Congress. Absolutely nothing has happened to hold her accountable. 

In July 2016, during the height of that year’s presidential campaign, FBI Director James Comey announced the results of his agency’s investigation into the destroyed Clinton server and lost emails. Col. Allen B. West summarized Comey’s findings: 

  • He concluded Hillary was “extremely careless” in handling our nation’s secrets. 
  • He admitted no reasonable person could have believed putting these emails on a private server was at all appropriate or acceptable. 
  • He admitted 110 emails on the server were classified at the time they were sent — showing Hillary not only lied, but knowingly endangered national security as secretary of state. 
  • He admitted Hillary deleted work-related emails before turning them over to the State Department, despite her claims otherwise. 
  • And, most shocking, Mr. Comey even admitted it’s likely foreign governments hacked her emails — and our adversaries could know critical secrets about the U.S. government because of Hillary’s actions.  

Despite the FBI’s findings, Hillary Clinton was never charged. Many detect an enormous discrepancy between the FBI’s harsh treatment of Trump and its willingness to look away from Clinton’s overt criminal acts.    

Twitter has taken to suspending those calling attention to the FBI’s unequal treatment of Trump and Clinton.   

The Tech Giant suspended New York Post journalist Paul Sperry’s account “after he criticizes the FBI’s political double standard between FBI’s home raid of President Trump v. FBI’s mishandling of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s illegal home email server,” according to Article III Project Founder and President Mike Davis, who shared a screenshot of Sperry’s offending Tweet: 

Saved screenshot of Tweet from Paul Sperry’s suspended account.  Mike Davis Twitter account 

Among other products available for purchase at “Onward Together” ––the political action committee which Clinton founded after her loss to Trump–– are abortion and LGBT promoting shirts. 

Onward Together pro-abortion T-shirt  
Onward Together LGBT-pandering T-shirt