Tuesday March 2, 2010

“The world is watching!” Pro-Life Leader Warns Spanish King

King Juan Carlos is required to sign recently passed pro-abortion legislation before it becomes law

By John Jalsevac

FRONT ROYAL, VA, March 2, 2010 ( — After passing the Spanish parliament, new legislation that would significantly liberalize Spain’s abortion laws is headed to the desk of the Head of State, King Juan Carlos de Borbon, for his signature.

The situation is complicated, however, by the fact that King Carlos is a practicing Catholic. The Spanish bishops declared in November of last year that those Catholic politicians who voted in favor of the pro-abortion bill would have excommunicated themselves, leading some of the Spanish press to speculate whether the king might also be excommunicated for affixing his signature to the bill.

In February of this year the king was urged by a group of Catholic theologians not to sign the legislation, at the peril of being complicit in allowing the murder of countless unborn children.

Now that the legislation has passed Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, the President of the world’s largest pro-life organization, Human Life International (HLI) is also adding his voice to the chorus calling on the monarch not to sign the bill.

“The world is watching,” said Euteneuer, to see whether King Carlos “will abdicate his moral leadership of the nation and sign the death warrants of millions more Spanish babies who will be killed by abortion.“

Euteneuer pointed out: “He has already been complicit, by his signature, in the deaths of millions in the first abortion law he signed in 1985 and other immoral legislation such as law authorizing same sex marriage in 2005.”

Juan Carlos of Spain is expected by many to sign. Many, including some of Spain’s Catholic bishops, citing articles 62 and 91 of the Spanish Constitution, have said that Juan Carlos has little leeway, and simply must endorse any legislation that comes his way as his position is largely ceremonial.

Human Life International is arguing, however that this position is erroneous. In exercising his office, King Carlos does not lose the rights and duties inherent to the human person, nor those inherent in being a Catholic, said Euteneuer, adding that the king has the right and the duty to act in conformity to his conscience as a Catholic.

“All the Catholic Kings of Spain, especially Ferdinand and Isabella, would be horrified at the possibility of signing such murderous legislation and will stand in fierce judgment of a king who abdicates his moral responsibility to his people in such an act,” said Rev. Euteneuer.

In refusing to sign the legislation, it appears the king would have the citizens of Spain on his side, according to polling on the legislation. A poll conducted by Instituto Noxa in October 2009 showed that more Spanish citizens oppose expanding abortion than support its expansion.

In February the Spanish pro-life organization HazteOir delivered over one million signatures to parliament in opposition to the pro-abortion bill, and rallies against the legislation have drawn massive crowds, reporting in excess of a million.

HLI pointed out that there is precedent for conscientious objection to immoral legislation among the royalty of Europe. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg suffered the removal of his powers for taking such a stand last year, refusing to sign a bill which would have legalized Euthanasia in Luxembourg. Likewise, King Baudoin of Belgium stepped down from his office in 1990 while the Belgian Parliament legalized abortion.

Human Life International is also calling upon the Spanish Episcopal Conference to issue a declaration that Juan Carlos de Borbón has incurred excommunication if he should sign this law authorizing the murder of even more Spanish innocents.

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