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Rep. Steve Carra, chair of the House Freedom Caucus. Rumble/Screenshot

( LifeSiteNews) — Medical freedom activists joined Michigan state lawmakers at a rally outside the Kalamazoo headquarters of Pfizer on Monday to demand answers after a Project Veritas video caught a company executive saying the pharmaceutical giant is considering mutating strands of the coronavirus in order to boost profits.

“These people are lying, and people are dying!” GOP State Rep. Matt Maddock exclaimed.

“We are all here standing in defiance of a medical industry that has gone wrong,” Republican state Rep. Jim DeSana remarked.

“Your vaccine is clearly killing people, while giving others lifelong health problems, such as myocarditis, infertility, and organ failure,” he added.

DeSana, a Catholic, coordinated a Eucharistic procession around the Michigan State Capitol on December 7 to protest the state’s liberal abortion laws.

Monday’s rally was organized by Michigan for Vaccine Choice and the newly formed Michigan House Freedom Caucus, which is chaired by Republican state Rep. Steve Carra.

“The statements made by a high-ranking Pfizer employee are incredibly alarming, and the public deserves the truth as to what Pfizer is doing behind closed doors,” Carra said in a press release dated February 1.

“Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has led to much debate among the scientific community due to its ineffectiveness in stopping the transmission of COVID-19, as well as the medical risks associated with [it],” the caucus’ statement also read.

On January 25, Project Veritas released bombshell footage of Jordon Trishton Walker, a director of research and development for strategic operations and mRNA scientific planning at Pfizer, that seemed to indicate the multi-national corporation is looking to modify strands of the virus in order to “preemptively develop new vaccines” for profit. The deeply disturbing video garnered nearly 30 million views on Twitter. Pfizer has denied it engages in such activities.

Others who spoke at the protest include Dr. Christina Parks and Kristen Meghan Kelley, two leading medical freedom activists in the state. Trump-backed state Rep. Angela Rigas and Rep. Brad Paquette addressed the crowd as well, among others. Paquette wrote a public letter to Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla on January 27 calling on him to hold the company accountable in order to “restore trust” for the public.

According to its own website, Pfizer’s Kalamazoo location is “the largest manufacturing site in the Pfizer network.” The facility employs thousands of people and produces 1,200 metric tons of ingredients for pharmaceutical and drug products used across the world each year. The company’s abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccine was produced at and distributed by its Kalamazoo headquarters.

Republicans in Michigan are currently in the minority in both the State House and the State Senate, where Democrats hold slim 56-54 and 20-18 majorities, respectively. Pro-LGBT Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer won reelection last year over challenger Tudor Dixon. Whitmer touted her strong support for abortion during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland last month.