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September 12, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Yesterday the California Attorney General asked for a gag order to restrict pro-life reporting on the David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt hearings, citing LifeSiteNews in particular in the legal documents. Since we have been the ONLY pro-life news source reporting from the courtroom, this was set to be a direct restriction against us.

Thankfully, the judge denied the gag order yesterday afternoon, and we can continue to report on these hearings and spread the word to our millions of readers about the illegal activity of Planned Parenthood and StemExpress selling baby body parts.

Since we still have the freedom to report on the hearing, I’d like to ask you to help our voice be even louder.

Today is the launch of our Fall Fundraising Campaign, and I hope you will join the community of supporters who enable our mission to restore the culture through news media every day – the very news that you rely on to be informed on life, faith, family, and culture! 

To keep our pro-life and pro-family mission alive, we need your help to reach the minimum goal of $250,000 by September 27th. (Click here to donate!)  

And, I am thrilled to share with you today that you can help us reach our goal by becoming a monthly supporter of our mission. A generous donor has offered to match the first donation of every new recurring pledge made by our readers – up to $25,000! (Click here to become a monthly sustainer

There has never been a more pressing time for all our readers to link arms with us and support our mission financially. 

Our reporting on the ground at the Daleiden/Merritt hearings has only been made possible because of our monthly supporters. We were able to send our journalist, Lianne Laurence, and our videographer, Jim Hale, at a moment's notice to report from the scene where the action is taking place.  

Our ability to report on the ground means we have exclusive interviews and articles going up on our site every day during the trial, and because of this, as mentioned above, LifeSiteNews is THE leading pro-life news source on the ground!

Sustainers make our journalism like this possible so that you, and millions of others, receive the most up-to-date info on the most pressing pro-life and pro-family news as it breaks. 

The battle to speak the truth and defend our pro-life beliefs is an uphill battle every single day. We must stand for life and family, despite this David vs. Goliath battle that we face.

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As the preliminary hearings continued last week, Twitter temporarily blocked the Center for Medical Progress from live-tweeting during the hearings – based on a misrepresentation of the tweets from Planned Parenthood’s attorneys.  

Yet, while Twitter was blocking CMP from getting their updates out, LifeSiteNews was in the courtroom reporting on the hearing, ensuring that our millions of readers were informed and able to share the news with their networks.  

Without our breaking news journalism, the pro-life movement simply wouldn’t have a voice in the media and LifeSiteNews is ensuring that the truth about life is spread far and wide.

When you support LifeSite you are supporting the countless pro-life and pro-family leaders, activists, and citizens who find themselves out-numbered, out-funded, and under relentless attack by media forces that distort their message and drown their voices. These culture warriors are begging for help to get their voice out to millions of people.   

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