They walked across Canada for pro-life. Random young strangers supported them financially.

One brother and sister pair who did the walk told LifeSiteNews that the “vast majority” of feedback given by people they meet along the way is positive.
Tue Aug 19, 2014 - 5:57 pm EST
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Studies on charitable giving make it clear that it’s the older generation that can be counted on to financially support a cause. But on the pro-life Crossroads walk across Canada this summer, brother and sister Ben and Rachel Dennison, from Victoria, BC, experienced something else.

On one memorable day, Ben, 22, said, “We were just walking along, and this little car stopped. Young people were coming out of the windows. They were all cheering for us. They gave us 20 bucks.”

Rachel said everybody in the car looked to be in their young 20s.

This was just a small taste of the warm welcome that the pair, and their companions, met while taking the pro-life message across Canada.

The brother and sister told LifeSiteNews that the “vast majority” of feedback given by people they meet along the way is positive.

Ben said that after speaking events, they often get a “lot of positive feedback” from young people, adding that it is common for youth to help the team financially by giving whatever they can, even if it’s just five dollars, out of their pockets.

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Crossroads conducts pro-life walks for young people across Canada and the USA. As they walk, the young people pray and make sacrifices for the ending of abortion. They visit community centers and parishes along the way where they spread the pro-life message about the dignity and sanctity of all human life.

This is Ben’s second time doing the walk across Canada.

“The first time, I mostly just did it because my friends did, but through the course of that walk I became deeply convicted of the pro-life mission and, particularly, Crossroads, and the need for bold action in the movement,” he said.

“Edmund Burke once said that ‘Evil can only triumph when good men do nothing.’ We can have confidence that if we simply act and commit to the movement, God will make our work effective, according to His will. All we need to do is surrender to it. This is why I walk.”

Ben’s 24-year-old sister Rachel decided to walk because she wanted to do “something for God” before setting out on a career path. “Crossroads will give me a great opportunity to grow in my spiritual life, and help fight against the tragedy of abortion,” she said.

The Canada walk began May 24 and ended Friday in Ottawa. A pro-life rally was held there on Saturday. 

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