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Ashley Glass's son Dylan, pictured here, was left to die.Ashley Glass

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 6, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – An undercover phone call revealed the willingness of a late-term abortion facility in the nation’s capital to abort a healthy, 26-week-old baby.

This call is the latest undercover investigation from Priests for Life and Abortion Free New Mexico. The pro-life groups are releasing calls with abortion centers that show abortion businesses are more than willing to abort healthy babies late into pregnancy for no reason.

A common pro-abortion argument in favor of late-term abortion is that such abortions are necessary because of the mother’s “health” or the baby having a potential birth defect or disability.

An employee at Washington Surgi-Clinic told a caller posing as a pregnant mother that she could abort her baby at 26 weeks for $6,200 or at nearly 27 weeks for $7,200.

The abortion worker told the caller she could come in for the abortion as early as the next day.

Washington Surgi-Clinic is located in D.C.’s posh Foggy Bottom neighborhood near George Washington University.

“Here in our nation’s capital, as in cities from coast to coast, healthy babies of healthy mothers are being killed at stages where they can survive outside the womb,” said Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life.

“Washington Surgi-Clinic is performing these abortions on healthy women carrying healthy babies with no questions asked,” said Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico. “Now is the time for Congress to act swiftly to end this scourge of late term abortion.”

Washington Surgi-Clinic was featured in Live Action’s Inhuman series on late-term abortion as well.


Undercover footage showed the facility’s abortionist, Cesare Santangelo, agreeing to deny medical care if an infant survived a failed late-term abortion.

The facility’s google reviews indicate many mothers who aborted their babies there had a bad experience.

“Worst place ever,” one wrote in 2011. “This is an overcrowded meat market where with antiquated, dirty equipment and insufficient staff.”

“If something goes wrong there is not enough staff to address the issue,” the anonymous google user wrote. “They needed to use a wheelchair after one girl (sitting in the hallway) had a reaction and they couldn't even get the wheelchair through the doors without the other patients helping move chairs out of the way.”

“Right after that there was screaming, crying, glass breaking, things being thrown heard from the back, and the doctor calling for his nurses in a panicked voice… no time did anyone let the waiting area know that everything was under control,” she continued.

“I almost died here in here and they were about to let me. That's all I'll say,” a google reviewer named Jai Mee wrote six months ago.