To become a doctor, she was required to learn how to commit an abortion. Then, she had a miscarriage

'My mentor showed me how to do the first abortion and then he had me take his seat and he walked me through the steps of the termination, and at the end I just remember feeling very nauseated..'
Tue Mar 2, 2021 - 2:54 pm EST
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March 2, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Yet another formerly pro-abortion doctor is denouncing the abortion world after a powerful conversion experience.

In recent video with the Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (APLOG) Dr. Lori Buzzetti, a gynecologist and current APLOG member, detailed her sudden change of heart after years of backing abortion ideology.

Prior to her conversion, Dr. Buzzetti “believed that the government shouldn’t have a say in what a woman did with her pregnancy,” she said. “I felt that abortion shouldn’t be used as a form of contraception, but there were certain circumstances where I felt that it was acceptable for a woman to undergo” an abortion.

Buzzetti noted that she had learned how to commit abortions at her university-based training program while in residency.

“[W]e were actually required to go through the procedure and how to learn to do an elective termination,” she said. “My mentor showed me how to do the first abortion and then he had me take his seat and he walked me through the steps of the termination, and at the end I just remember feeling very nauseated.”

“As I left, I ran into one of the staff and he told me how proud he was that I had participated in that activity, and I don't remember what I said to him, but I just remember thinking, that is nothing to be proud of,” Buzzetti said.

Despite that experience, Buzzetti still supported abortion. It was only after her own experience of losing a child that she began to recognize the personhood of the unborn.

“After I completed my residency, I entered into private practice, and soon after that, my husband and I were expecting our first child,” she related. “Early on, we were able to see our baby's heartbeat. I found myself lying on the ultrasound table looking at a screen where our baby's heart lay motionless.”

Buzzetti initially tried to ignore feelings of grief over the loss of the baby, as, “after all once a woman experienced an early pregnancy loss everything went back to normal, right?”

However, after six months, the grief didn’t go away, and she found working at her obstetrics practice increasingly difficult. “I finally confided my feelings with a close friend of mine and she told me that I was grieving the loss of our child,” Dr. Buzzetti said.

“I hadn't let myself recognize my grief because of the following thought: if life didn't begin until the baby could sustain itself outside of the womb, why was I in so much pain?” she continued.

“So my pro-choice stance started to crack,” she said. “As I continued on in my practice, I was given a new set of eyes with these revelations and I began seeing the brokenness that these terminations were causing.”

Buzzetti added that her suffering forced her to “realize that as obstetricians we need to stop being complacent and allowing these babies to be disregarded.”

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Despite their role in facilitating life, many obstetricians and gynecologists nevertheless promote the killing of pre-born babies. A recent survey of members of the top OG-GYN association in the U.S. showed that 25 percent had committed at least one abortion in the previous year.

“When we completed our medical training, we took an oath to do no harm and in what I have seen there are two of our patients that are suffering when we allow elective [abortions],” Dr. Buzzetti said.

“It's time for us to really take a hard look at what our profession is doing and advocate for our patients health and well-being. I would invite you to join me as we hold out our hands to help the most vulnerable in our society our unborn children,” she added.

Dr. Buzzetti’s testimony is the latest in a long line of countless converted, formerly pro-abortion doctors, like Bernard Nathanson, Carol Everett, Paul Jarrett, Jr., and Anthony Levatino. Priests for Life, one of the largest Catholic pro-life ministries, runs a group, Society of Centurions, specifically for the healing of ex-abortionists.

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