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U.S. Sen. Rand Paul

Update: Judge Kim Cooks has ruled that James' parents will have joint conservatorship over him. Read more by clicking here.

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October 24, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is the latest national lawmaker to speak against forcing 7-year-old James Younger to undergo a gender “transition” demanded by his mother but opposed by his father.


On Monday, a Dallas jury ruled 11-1 against father Jeffrey Younger in his fight against his ex-wife, Dr. Anna Georgulas, who wants to raise James as “Luna” and force his father to affirm that identity, and has discussed subjecting him to “hormone suppression” between ages eight and nine – all against the boy’s will, his father says. Judge Kim Cooks is slated to issue a final ruling later today.

The case has sparked intense national outrage even as the mainstream press largely ignores it, with experts warning that not only is affirming a child’s gender confusion psychologically unhealthy in the long run, but exposure to sex-change hormones carries serious physical risks including infertility, impairment of adult sex function, and reduced life expectancy.

Numerous public figures have weighed in on the case, the latest being Sen. Paul with a tweet Thursday, declaring that what Georgulas wanted constitutes child abuse:

Other lawmakers to comment include Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Dan Crenshaw, both of Texas: 

Regarding what lawmakers could do, the Washington Examiner notes that Texas does not currently prohibit legal guardians from giving puberty blockers or hormones to minors; Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz suggests the state convene a special legislative session to ban the practice, and that Congress limit federal courts’ ability to interfere with states that do the same. 

Gov. Abbott announced Wednesday evening that state officials are investigating the situation:

As of the time of this writing, a petition calling on Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and state lawmakers to intervene has received more than 223,000 signatures. LifeSiteNews has also launched its own petition, which has collected more than 59,000 signatures so far.

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