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(Robert Malone) – On Wednesday afternoon, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously by 15–0 for the CDC to recommend that children get the COVID-19 “vaccines and boosters.”

The actual vote to add this experimental COVID-19 mRNA injection to the childhood vaccination schedule is on Thursday.

It is important to recognize that this is a work-around because Congress is not funding more jabs into arms. If this product is put on the childhood schedule, Congress does not have a say in the funding. Furthermore, if the emergency use authorization (EUA) vanishes, then the liability of the companies would continue under the childhood schedule. This is corruption.

I honestly didn’t think the ACIP would “go there.” For one, this is still an unlicensed product. I am still not sure an EUA vaccine product can be added to the schedule. I don’t believe it has ever been done before.

It is now predicted that CDC is almost certain to add the COVID-19 shots to its “Childhood Vaccines Schedule” on Thursday. This means that public schools, which all use this schedule, will then be able to mandate the “vaccines” in order for children to attend public school.

This is all being done at the last minute and basically behind the backs of the public, as this received virtually no media attention prior to the vote. I do not believe that this vote was announced to the public beforehand. Alternative media only figured it out due to the sharp eyes of Steve Kirsch.

The CDC very recently opened up its scheduled vote for public comment and received thousands of negative comments. You can read those comments here. Please feel free to add your own comments by clicking here.

ACIP’s decision to add the COVID-19 shots is based on regulatory capture, budgetary issues, politics, and it is not based on scientific data.

We all know the adverse event profile of the jabs. It is horrific. The small sample size in the clinical trials were poorly designed and inadequately powered.

We all know other countries have completely stopped vaccinating children with these products.

If they add these jabs to the childhood schedule, it will completely break the trust of the American family in the CDC, as it should.

I am shocked by the malfeasance. I have no trust left at all in our public health. It is broken.

Reprinted with permission from Robert Malone.