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“In the name of our country, thank you for your help! With your help, our nation was able to stand proudly behind our pro-life laws!”

We received this note from our friend Julia Regina de Cardenal who lives in El Salvador as a pro-life activist and first alerted us to a HUGE breaking story there at the time. You won’t believe her story!

You see, several years ago the New York Times wrote a scathing piece excoriating El Salvador for supposedly jailing a mother of three for thirty years for having an abortion – an abortion which in America would be perfectly legal.

The New York Times does fake news more extreme than most – but Julia knew the truth about what really happened. She tried to let the media in El Salvador know of the problem but her article only ran in one of the back pages of a newspaper.

That’s when she turned to LifeSite for help.

The truth of the story was shocking. According to Julia’s testimony, “The truth is that she was found guilty of strangling her full-term baby shortly after her birth.”

Shortly after we confirmed Julia’s story, and with the help of readers like you to spread the news far and wide, the New York Times was forced to publish a major correction. The uproar was huge! So huge, in fact, that it got the attention of all the media in El Salvador which carried the story on the front pages of all it’s main papers for three days.

El Salvador had been confirmed in their pro-life stance. But not every story ends this way. In fact, Julia’s recent note explained, “The New York Times has called me to ask for another interview on abortion, which I have turned down because it’s just part of a smear campaign against El Salvador again to try to make us legalize abortion.”

The mainstream media is fixated on pushing their liberal, progressive bias upon the culture and they have the funds and market saturation to do it. Nevertheless, Julia’s story (and El Salvador’s) are proof that the need for a clear voice, unafraid to speak TRUTH without compromise is desperately needed.

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Not all stories end the way they did with Julia and El Salvador. In fact, she has warned us:

“The worldwide liberal media are now saying that there are 26 (though originally only claimed there were 17) women in jail for “miscarriages” or “obstetric problems”. The evidence shows that they were found guilty of killing their newborn babies. There are pictures of forensic medicine that show the babies that were strangled, drowned, stoned, stabbed, etc.”

The attacks will never stop – but that’s fine as long as folks like you and me take a stand and help do something about it!

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