Not all stories end this way

A young college student named Kyle wrote to me recently. His story is remarkable.
Mon Dec 11, 2017 - 5:40 am EST
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A young college student named Kyle wrote to me recently. His story is remarkable and I want to share it with you today.

Ten years ago Kyle and his family immigrated to Canada from China, where he was born visually impaired. Life in a new country was not easy, and early on Kyle said that his future ‘didn’t look bright.’

He suffered relentless bullying due to his vision impairment and language barrier, but what made my jaw hit the floor, and what I want to share with you today, is how your support has directly played a role in this young man’s conversion and desire to be involved in pro-life activism!

Kyle told me it was precisely the news coverage and perspectives your support provides him that gave an answer to the depression he felt after finding out he probably would have been aborted.

“A close relative told me that if my eye condition had been known before I was born, my parents would have chosen not to have me.”

Wow. Can you imagine struggling in a new country with a disability only to discover you are unwanted?

He went on to tell me,

“LifeSite is my one stop shop for news pertaining to life and family. I especially appreciate your accurate and informative reporting while holding to an uncompromising stance for life and the natural family.

By reading LifeSiteNews, I have come to understand that life begins at conception (fertilization). Therefore, it is imperative for us to take a stand for the sanctity of life. LifeSite has been and continues to be an excellent resource that greatly contributes to my pursuit of truth. In sincere appreciation of the good work LifeSiteNews does, I have been donating to your website monthly.”

For Kyle to come away from this experience believing in God and wanting to serve the pro-life movement - this is the kind of cultural change necessary to topple the goliath of secularism and anti-life ideology.

There are so many people like Kyle out there in our culture, who simply have not been exposed to a different worldview other than the liberal, progressive one forced upon us by the mainstream media.

Countless stories like Kyle’s are proof that the need for a clear voice, unafraid to speak TRUTH without compromise is desperately needed.

Today, a gift of $35 can help us reach as many as 5,000 people with the truth - folks just like Kyle who are searching for truth! And of course larger donations will reach even many more. It is up to you.

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Kyle ended this story he shared with me by thanking God, whom he knows has been the real source of grace in his life:

“Thankfully, God turned my life around! I now know that God is love, and he sees you the same regardless of your circumstance. Every human being is a child of God. Therefore, God equally values every one of us no matter what the world thinks. I choose to maintain a positive outlook towards life. God closed a door in my life, but he has surely opened a window.”

Not all stories end this way.

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Today, you can help provide truth to thousands in your country, and around the world, just like Kyle - who are not satisfied with the lies and manipulations of the mainstream media. They are searching for answers.

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