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Announcing the completely revamped
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By LifeSiteNews staff

By LifeSiteNews staff

November 17, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Today, LifeSite is formally launching the completely revamped – a powerful petition platform dedicated exclusively to serving the pro-life and pro-family communities.

Rebuilt from the ground up to be able to better handle the flood of millions of petition signers that came to the beta version of LifePetitions, the new also boasts exciting new features designed to ensure that petitions hosted on the platform have the greatest possible pro-life and pro-family impact.

While traditional petition platforms usually invite visitors simply to sign their names to a petition, goes several important steps further: on select “Outreach Petitions” signatories will also be given the option either to send a customized e-mail, or – a groundbreaking feature in the world of petition platforms – a personalized physical postcard to the target of the petition. And all it takes is a few clicks of a mouse.

According to editor-in-chief John-Henry Westen, the new features could be a gamechanger.

“The postcard functionality is what I’m most excited about,” said Westen. “While we’ve seen that it can be extremely effective simply to present the subject of a petition with a huge binder full of the names of tens of thousands of people who have signed the petition, imagine the impact of receiving stacks of personalized postcards in your mailbox, either expressing concern about some issue, or offering encouragement when warranted! That makes an unmistakable impression.”

Signatories to petitions on the new are also given the option to donate to "boost" a petition. Donated funds are then used on highly targeted social media advertising campaigns, reaching thousands of potential new supporters of the petition.

A brand new petition to encourage President-Elect Donald Trump to keep his pro-life promises, launched on the new platform, already has over 28,000 supporters. Hundreds of those supporters have mailed personalized postcards to Trump at Trump Tower, urging him to support specific pro-life measures and pledging to pray for him. 

Westen invited other pro-life and pro-family groups interested in using the petition platform to submit their petition ideas for consideration at

“We created LifePetitions explicitly to serve the entire pro-life and pro-family movement,” said Westen. “In the past, liberal groups have often been more savvy at using petitions to pressure change-makers and create concrete change. Our goal is to change that. At a time when pro-life and pro-family values are under increasing attack, we have to stand up and make our voices heard. That's what LifePetitions was designed to do."

"We have already effectively partnered with other pro-life groups on petitions, helping to magnify their voice, reaching and mobilizing people in their communities who support their initiatives and putting these groups in contact with their petition's supporters,” said Westen. “Our hope is that groups all across the English-speaking world can use the new to create pro-life and pro-family change in their communities.”

Pro-life and pro-family groups interested in using LifePetitions’s unique functionality can submit petition ideas for consideration at

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