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FORT WORTH, Texas, October 2, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — The Texas chapter of the pro-family advocacy group Mass Resistance is organizing a daylong conference next month to equip parents and teens to battle against the radical LGBT agenda being pushed in schools across the nation.

The Teens4Truth Conference – Countering the LGBT Agenda aims to be “a veritable boot camp of no-holds-barred training for teenagers and parents on information, strategies and activism,” according to Mass Resistance.

“Finally, a conference that doesn’t back down!” a Mass Resistance release says. “Pro-family teenagers and their parents have long needed a conference like this.”

The groundbreaking conference is an answer to years of parents and their children seeking help from Mass Resistance and other pro-family organizations in stemming the LGBT agenda’s tide in U.S. schools, the group said.

“Kids in school must endure oppressive and psychologically intrusive programs, “gay” student clubs, teaching methods, propaganda, false “facts,” and twisted logic,” its statement said. “It becomes a battle against activist teachers, administrators, school committee members, and even brainwashed fellow students.”

The plan for the event is to provide both kids and their parents the information and tools they need in the battle.

Conference speakers will present families with the truth about sexuality and gender. At least two public school teachers will offer an inside view of what’s really going on in schools.

Parents and teens at the conference will gain an understanding of the lies they’re being told and the psychological manipulation and intimidation taking place to advance the LGBT agenda, as well as how to fight back and how to overcome their fears, the importance of telling the truth, and how to affect real change in their school and church.

Conference attendees will reap the benefits of listening to presenters who have worked on the front lines for decades to counsel, educate and organize parents and youth to fight back in their schools, according to Mass Resistance. 

The Teens4Truth Conference will be held November 18 from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. CST at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) in Fort Worth, Texas. There will also be a reception on the evening November 17 for early attendees, with a welcoming address and a 45-minute video.

“Let’s tell teenagers the truth,” said Robert Oscar Lopez, Texas Mass Resistance leader and SBTS humanities professor. “Not silence, where we pretend that the harmful trends are not swirling around us, or them.”

“Not the state-approved propaganda about tolerance and equality for all kinds of sex, families, relationships, love or (fill in the blank),” he continued. “Not a ‘conversation’ where we talk around difficult issues and scramble to avoid being called ‘bigots.’ Just the truth.”

The conference will offer special breakout groups for teens and parents, and the schedule continues to be updated with new speakers added.

Experts will present on all of the flash points involved in the LGBT school controversy, from “born this way” and “children’s sexual rights” to “sex reassignment” to bathroom access and more. Some noted Texas religious leaders are also scheduled to present.

Among the scheduled breakout sessions are:

  • What Does the Bible Really Say about LGBT Issues?

  • Answering the LGBT Agenda in Churches & Schools: A Real Education in Nature

  • For students: How you can set the Record Straight in Your Schools

  • How healing and change is possible

  • Your Political & Legal Rights are Under Siege

  • The REAL Research and Evidence of LGBT Philosophy

  • For Parents: How you can be the “go to person” for your child’s questions about sexuality

  • For Parents: How YOU Can Speak Up and Get Involved

  • For Students: All Your LGBT Questions Answered

  • You Are Called to Act

Mass Resistance says southern states in particular are the target of a multimillion dollar campaign by the LGBT activist group Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to infiltrate and subvert conservative Christian churches. For this reason, the conference will offer content to prepare attendees to deal with their own churches that may be yielding to the LBGT propaganda.

A significant threat to the LGBT movement is authentic reparative therapy, and this topic will be among the conference’s offerings. David Pickup, a licensed therapist specializing in reparative therapy, is among the conference organizers and presenters.

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