By Alex Bush

May 19, 2009 ( – The 12th annual March for Life in Ottawa may have drawn a record number of participants; but the pro-life show of strength this past week was not just limited to the national March, with numerous regional events taking place across the country.  In addition to the 12,300 people and 12 bishops that participated in the Ottawa March for Life, approximately 3,500 people, including 13 bishops, participated in regional Marches For Life. 

All told, more than 16,000 Canadians participated in pro-life demonstrations last week, and the number of bishops involved totaled 25.

In addition to the multitude of marchers and bishops, 18 Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) from New Brunswick joined in the New Brunswick March for Life, including the PC Opposition Leader David Alward and the Liberal Minister of Health Mike Murphy.

Marches took place coast to coast across Canada, setting numerous records for attendance.  40 people from Newfoundland, 140 from Manitoba, 350 from Nova Scotia, 400 from New Brunswick, 400 from Alberta, 400 from Saskatchewan, and a mighty 2,000 from British Columbian took part in various local marches.

The Bishops that participated at the Marches across Canada were, in New Brunswick, Archbishop Robert Harris; in Alberta, Archbishop Richard William Smith, Bishop Frederick Henry, Bishop Joseph Luc André Bouchard, Bishop Gérard Pettipas, Bishop David Motiuk of the Edmonton Ukrainian Eparchy ; in British Columbia, Archbishop Michael Miller, Bishop Richard Gagnon, Bishop David Monroe; in Saskatchewan, Archbishop Daniel Bohan, Bishop Albert LeGatt, Ukranian Bishop Bryan Bayda, and Ukranian Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski.

The Liberal MLAs from New Brunswick also used the March for Life as an opportunity to throw their support behind a PC bill that would allow distraught women to give their newborn babies to hospital staff.  The “Safe Haven Bill” was introduced after the public mourning of a baby boy, known as Baby Taylor, who was left to die of exposure near Moncton, New Brunswick over the winter and was only found during the spring thaw.

The marchers from New Brunswick also placed 250 Roses at the Legislature and at the three main abortion facilities in the province (which includes two full-fledged hospitals) to commemorate the 25,000 unborn babies who have been aborted in New Brunswick since 1969.

The Complete list of bishops that participated in the various Marches for Life is as follows (to find the contact information to send the bishops a letter of thanks for their participation, see:,com_wrapper/Itemid,1211/lang,eng/):
1.    His Eminence Marc Cardinal Ouellet – Quebec City
2.    His Grace Archbishop Terrence Prendergast – Ottawa
3.    His Grace Archbishop Thomas Collins – Toronto
4.    His Grace Archbishop Brendan O’Brien – Kingston
5.    His Grace Archbishop Sutton, OMI, emeritus archbishop of Keewatin-LePas
6.    His Grace Archbishop Richard William Smith – Edmonton
7.    His Grace Archbishop Michael Miller – Vancouver
8.    His Grace Archbishop Daniel Bohan – Regina
9.    His Excellency Bishop Paul-André DuRocher – Alexandria-Cornwall
10.    His Excellency Bishop Ronald Fabbro – London
11.    His Excellency Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe – Sault Ste. Marie
12.    His Excellency Bishop Stephen Victor Chmilar – Ukrainian Bishop of Toronto and Eastern Canada
13.    His Excellency Bishop Michael Mulhall – Pembroke
14.    His Excellency Bishop John Stephen Pazak – Byzantine Rite
15.    His Excellency Bishop Robert Harris – Saint John
16.    His Excellency Bishop Frederick Henry – Calgary
17.    His Excellency Bishop Joseph Luc André Bouchard – Saint Paul
18.    His Excellency Bishop Gérard Pettipas – Grouard-McLennan
19.    His Excellency Bishop Richard Gagnon – Victoria
20.    His Excellency Bishop David Monroe – Kamloops
21.    His Excellency Bishop Albert LeGatt
22.    His Excellency Bishop Bryan Bayda, Ukrainian Bishop of Saskatoon
23.    His Excellency Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski Ukrainian Bishop of Westminster
24.    Mgr Gerard Drainville, retired bishop of Amos (Quebec)
25.    His Excellency Bishop David Motiuk of the Edmonton Ukrainian Eparchy

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