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(LifeSiteNews) Father Charles Murr and Liz Yore return on this week’s episode of Faith & Reason, joining John-Henry Westen to discuss the Million Person March in Canada, the latest insanity coming out of Rome, and former President Donald Trump’s bizarre comments on pro-life laws.

This week, many thousands of people marched in Canada in protest of the LGBT agenda in schools. The protesters came from all walks of life, with Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, and Jews standing together to fight for the innocence of children, among them LifeSite’s own John-Henry Westen and his family. A large police presence accompanied the marchers, along with counter-protesters.

Commenting on the Million Person March, Yore brought up Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson warning Catholics that the LGBT agenda is an existential threat to the Catholic Church in comments made exclusively to LifeSiteNews, saying she was “thrilled” that, in her view, he was “calling on Catholics to step up in this cultural and [civilizational] war.”  

Speaking to the march itself, she observed, “We’ve talked about the left overplaying it’s hand, as it always does… This issue especially is the hill we’re gonna to die on. I think it’s strictly a non-negotiable interest for parents… We’re going to have to continue to fight this battle.” 

Fr. Murr spoke to the true ecumenism of the march, pointing out how Muslims and Catholics marched with one another to fight LGBT ideology, as the two groups share “moral values.”

“This is the real ecumenism that we really need,” he opined. “Not in worship… because that turns into a hodgepodge of nonsense.” 

The trio also touched upon a leaked Zoom call recording of the Ontario Labor Congress, which gave instructions on how to attempt to stop the March, including telling counter-protesters that they would “engage physically” with marchers, as Westen described it, saying that it was the cause of a large police presence at the march. 

Murr reacted to the tactics suggested by the Congress as “Marxist,” saying that he hopes “society wakes up to the intrinsic… evil that is Marxism and the dangers that it constantly presents to society.”

“Maybe it took all of this to get down to, ‘Don’t touch our kids,’” he wonders. “Maybe… that’s going to wake some people up. I hope so.” He also noted that the left was “overt” in its claim over children, recalling a song by the Gay Men’s Chorus of San Francisco called “We’ll Convert Your Children.”

On Monday, Pope Francis kicked off the 2023 Clinton Global Initiative with an address to the organization, after recently speaking with former President Bill Clinton and Alexander Soros, son of the infamous leftist financier George Soros. Francis called for a response to the “ecological crisis” in his remarks, but did not mention abortion. 

Yore connected Francis’ remarks on the urgency of fighting “climate change” with his concern for children, saying, “He interestingly shifted to children.” “I always argue when… the arguments don’t hold any weight, we’ve got to… shoe-strap the children into the argument to… bolster the argument,” she continued. 

Referring to Francis’ discussion on climate change, Murr said that he did not know “where all of this is going,” but that while he hopes it would “end pretty soon,” it will end in catastrophe. He added that it is not in the purview of the Catholic Church to make remarks on climate.  

“This is not our fight,” he said. “We can have an opinion on… matters like this, but to write an encyclical on such a thing? To meet with… some of the greatest… international scoundrels in the world… and be in accord with them, and bolster them, and… accept invitations to speak as they speak? There’s something very… wrong.” 

Murr continued his comments, adding that he does not think God’s will can be found by discussing “climate change,” but by focusing on the defense of the family, morality, dogma, and the liturgy. He also predicted that Francis’ successor may have to summon an ecumenical council to fix the problems in the Church. Even so, he calls for calm, as all will be well. 

“I just keep telling people, ‘Patience, patience, patience. Learn your faith. Be faithful… Keep on the straight and narrow… We’ll outlive this,” he adds. 

Also Monday, the Vatican released the findings of a canonical visitation of the Aletti Center, an organization established by disgraced former Jesuit priest Marko Rupnik, which greatly exonerated Rupnik and the Center’s staff for any wrongdoing in the face of accusations against Rupnik for alleged psychological, spiritual, and sexual abuse.

The findings contradict those of a Jesuit investigation, and those of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF) on the matter, that resulted in Rupnik’s excommunication, as well as the testimony of Rupnik’s alleged victims. The excommunication was swiftly lifted, with speculation that Pope Francis was directly involved. 

Yore, a lawyer specializing in child abuse cases, observed that Francis’ papacy, while claiming to be “zero tolerance” with regard to child abuse, has not shown itself to be, adding that some have said that what happened to Rupnik “is the same treatment that [disgraced former Cardinal Theodore] McCarrick got.” 

“This is how things are working,” she continued. “If you have favor in the places of power, you are not going to be subjected to the rules of canon law and to the punishments that… equal the sins and the crimes.” 

Fr. Murr said that to him the only word that could summarize the Rupnik scandal was “outrageous,” comparing the Church’s decision to “go after good Catholics” to something out of a film by Italian filmmaker Frederico Fellini or a novel by Franz Kafka. “It’s so much about one man’s ego, it’s incredible,” he continued.

Murr, speaking to the crisis in the Church as a whole, also opined that the situation the Church finds Herself in is like the situation She found Herself in under Henry VIII, when only Sts. John Fisher and Thomas More defended Her. “What’s gruesome about these times, this time it’s the Church Herself who’s [persecuting] Her own,” he lamented. 

“Again, let me just say this,” he continued. “It’s not the end of the world, and things are going to get better. And when they do get better, we are going to put all of these times under a microscope, answer them, and there’s going to be a reform as there was in Trent.” 

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