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MADRID, Spain (LifeSiteNews) — Thousands of Catholics gathered in the streets of Madrid, Spain, last week for a public procession and recitation of the rosary. The event, held publicly for the last three years, was organized by the group Rosary for the Youth of Spain in an effort to witness publicly to the faith in the midst of an increasingly secular and socialist culture.


The turnout saw streets packed and enthusiastic Catholic youth praying the rosary, reciting the Litany of Our Lady and singing traditional chants while carrying a beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin from the Cathedral in Madrid to the Basilica of San Miguel through the streets of the capital.

Emilio Esteban-Hanza, president of Rosary for the Youth of Spain, said the procession was intended “to make a public manifestation of the faith, because faith without works is a dead faith and every young Catholic has the duty to bear witness to his faith.”

“Faith is a treasure that we cannot reserve for ourselves, but we have the duty to share and transmit to everyone around us,” Hanza declared. “This movement is committed to praying especially for the youth of Spain, who are living an alarming situation, to encourage young people in the search for good and leave behind the evils that plague it.”

One participant, Juan Ortega, said of the event, “It’s been an AMAZING day. I have had the honor of being able to accompany the Virgin at all times from the Cathedral of the Armed Forces to the Basilica of San Miguel, passing through the streets of Madrid and ending with a ceremony in a nunnery where she will spend the night.”


Another pilgrim posted, “Thank you, God! Spain belongs to Mary!”


Pro-life organization 40 Days for Life quoted one of Spain’s great saints and missionaries Anthony Mary Claret in support of recourse to the rosary as a remedy to the country’s troubles. The group commented, “Saint Anthony Mary Claret: ‘In the recitation of the Rosary is encoded the salvation of Spain’ Thank you @rosarioxjovenes.”


Another group voiced gratitude for the public expression of faith, saying, “The #Rosario for young people and with young people was a true gift from heaven. #Jóvenes and #familias of the Work of Prado Nuevo participated in the organization of the initiative of @rosarioxjovenes, which he attended @cardenalosoro. Mary unites us and invites us to be faithful always.”


Madrid Cardinal Carlos Osoro Sierra, who attended the procession, was quoted as saying, “In a secularized society, it is important to give a public witness to the Catholic faith.”


The rosary event followed the brutal murder a week earlier of a Catholic sacristan by an Islamic terrorist who entered two churches, attacked a priest after Mass, called on Catholics to renounce their faith and killed a sacristan with a machete blow to the head in the public square of the city of Algeciras.


Islamic terrorist wounds Catholic priest with machete, hacks sacristan to death in Spain