Monday January 18, 2010

Thousands Protest Abortion in Arkansas

By James Tillman

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, January 18, 2010 ( — Yesterday thousands of protestors thronged the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas to walk 13 blocks to the state capitol to protest the legalization of abortion and call for its repeal in the 32nd annual March for Life.

Emmett Guillory with Arkansas Right to Life said, “We can talk about healthcare, the economy, troubles in the world, but if we don’t get right the life issue, those quality of life issues don’t matter, so hopefully they’ll come to realize that and become passionate and support the pro-life movement.”

Former Governor Mike Huckabee also attended the march.

The walk, sponsored by Arkansas Right to Life, featured witness from several women who said they had “bought into the lie that abortion was a simple procedure.”

Said one: “I was told that I would have abortion on Friday and that I would return to work and college on Monday; and that my life would return back to normal.”

“When I walked out the back door of the abortion clinic … life had been stripped from me. Not only the life of my first child, but the abundant life that I had once known was simply a memory.”