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Thousands of demonstrators across Portugal took part in the nation's March for Life 2024.Caminhada Pela Vida/Facebook

(LifeSiteNews) — Last month people in 12 cities across Portugal took part in the nation’s March for Life 2024.

On April 6, 2024, thousands of Portuguese walked the streets of Aveiro, Beja, Braga, Coimbra, Évora, Faro, Funchal, Guarda, Lamego, Lisbon, Porto, and Viseu, to witness to the sanctity of all human lives, but particularly the lives of the most vulnerable: potential victims of abortion and euthanasia.

From Portugal’s March for Life 2024. Photos published on Facebook by Caminhada Pela Vida.

Portugal’s 12th Walk for Life was promoted by the Portuguese Federation for Life and covered by several Portuguese media outlets. According to 40 Days for Life, abortion was legalized in Portugal up to 10 weeks of pregnancy in 2007 following a referendum. 40 Days for Life also reports that the barbaric practice is legal up to 16 weeks when the baby was conceived as the result of a rape and up to 24 weeks “in case of deformation or risk of death.”

In 2007, abortion was legalized up to 10 weeks of pregnancy by a referendum. Since, then, there have been no changes to the law.

Abortion is legal on demand up to 10 weeks, up to 16 weeks in case of rape, and 24 weeks in case of deformation or risk of death.

The Portuguese Federation for Life explained that “the Walk for Life is a civil society initiative, represented by the Platform of Walks for Life, promoted by the Portuguese Federation for Life, which expresses religious, political and social diversity.”

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The PFL reported that “Catholics, Evangelicals, and Orthodox, members of parliament, university professors, businesspeople, doctors, lawyers, young people from all over the country took part in #caminhadapelavida24′ [March for Life].” They noted also that the March for Life was supported by the Bishops of Évora, Guarda, Lisbon, and Porto.

Portugal’s 13th Walk for Life will take place on March 29, 2025 at 15:00.

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